Weaponized Flagging Thread

@BlackWolf appeal to civility closed then deleted.

What rule was broken?

Some are trying.

Unsure. If someone posted a TOS violation in the night, you would think they’d simply delete that post and not the entire thread. As yet the mods have offered me no explanation, and I’m not expecting one.

Shame, really. Felt like opposing sides emerging from the trenches for a brief moment of detente.

I appreciate the effort.

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We have explained multiple times . . .

The board ENCOURAGES users who belive they see a violation of to flag the post. ALL flagged posts are reviewed. If it’s a violation, it and reply’s are deleted. If not, the post remains.

Mods also as they read the board – when they come across a violation that hasn’t been flagged, delete it and the replies.

The other thread just was locked because it was long enough, and review it it easier to kill the thread than just delete unneeded and uneccessary posts. Another thread that proved why the talk to the moderator forum went away.