Wealthy Republicans Lose Faith In Trump

The survey itself is here.

Does this seem like a problem for Trump? While his “base” may not be largely millionaires, these are influential people in the Republican party, both with the coin and with the thoughts. These no-confidence-in-Donald millionaires are going to put their support elsewhere, talk others up, and donate elsewhere. How big of a challenge is this going to present for Trump’s re-election (assuming he’s not impeached beforehand)?

Donald doesn’t need their money. He’s a gazillion times richer than they are. Plus, they are a teensy weensy part of the electorate. There are millions and millions more uneducated rubes who love the Donald. And the rich don’t live in any states where their vote matters anyway. They live in the Blue states where they make money.

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Wealthy republicans should lose faith in republicans.

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A failure of capitalism as run by the capitalists which led in turn to the rise of The New Deal quasi-socialism, labor unions, demands for social equality. Do you wonder if that part will sound familiar too,(again) in the years ahead, down this road we’re on now.?


Wait… I thought that Trump only did what the rich wanted.

Did the narrative change again?


It’s not a “narrative,” it’s a poll. A picture of what the rich think about Trump as president now, two years in.

It changed when he started the trade tariff war and stock market tanked. Dah

Funny that… you would think that since Trump is just for rich people (according to the left’s previous narrative) , he would have done what they wanted and not issued tarrifs on steel and aluminum.

The lies of the narrative seem to be unraveling.

Good point. Seems it already is beginning.

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No, Trump’s just too stupid to stay on message, it’s his signature trait.

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If Donald caters to the rich, then why are so many wealthy Republicans threatening to abandon him?

I wonder what their motivations could be?


So in your mind, which is the strongest influence on Trump?
A. His own stupidity
B. His allegiance to the rich

Trick question: None of the above.

:rofl: No.

The narrative was that Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation policies were all geared toward benefiting the wealthy. The new developments don’t change the truth of that. Notice how the wealthy republicans all loved him while as the left has been saying that. They loved him because it was and is true.

Now as you point out when Trump tries to enact policies he thinks will help workers, as misguided and stupid as his tariffs are, the wealthy are not so happy. That’s because even though the tariffs will hurt all of us, this time they also hurt the wealthy.

The important thing to remained focused on is that Trump and his admin are a bunch of ■■■■■■■ idiots along with all of the people who support him.


That’s not why Trump started tarrifs.

National security was the reason. Some workers do get a benefit and even Trump says that occasionally. But the steel and aluminum tarrifs that started the ball rolling were driven by national security needs.

:rofl: What BigBear just said.

I don’t know about narratives, but Trump does what Rush and Sean want more than anything else.

Or maybe Rush and Sean support what Trump does. How do you know what drives what?

One recent example is when Trump was willing to cave on the wall until talk radio blew up over it. Happens with amazing regularity.

Talk radio? Who listens to that? Just stupid Trump supporters. Right?

So here we have a president who is trying to follow the guidance of the people who voted for him. Shame. Shame. :smile:
Elections have consequences.

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