We warned you. Your value to lefties is only what you can provide to them

Once you no longer server any purpose for them, you should vacate the space and not expect any of that free health care they love to tout.

Trachtenberg should not be providing health care, even to pets.


Oh Canada, our home and native land

No wait.

This is an article about medically assisted death i.e. what Dr. Kevorkian was specializing in.

To my knowledge, it’s entirely voluntary in Canada - so what’s it got to do with “lefties” and free health care ?

Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug


First two replies:

#1 deflection
#2 pretending that it isn’t diminishing the value of a living person to $



Your commentary would have made sense if medically assisted death were compulsory - i.e. “we can save some money if we kill you therefore we are going to kill you”.

Being that it isn’t compulsory, don’t see what point you’re trying to make.

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Because cost analysis is never a first step.

This seems to be a pretty benign report based on some financial analytics. Do you see this as part of a slippery slope where eventually Canada will start shooting sick people in the face ?

I see it as what it is, an assessment on how much money they can save if they convince people to off themselves as soon as they’re no longer producing for the state.

It’s the only conclusion that state run anything can come to.


I support an option of assisted death for a terminally Ill patient if they choose that.

Talking about cost/benefit is economist brain… but it doesn’t affect the issue.


Bolded mine.

As soon as the convincing part starts, I’ll have agreed with you.

No you won’t.

So is changing genders, and if they can convince kids to cut their private parts off they can convince people it’s a good idea to die.

Total Leftist.


I was totally on Kevorkian’s side when this whole thing was going on. People who live in unbearable pain should be able to do this. It’s silly that it was/is even controversial and that he went to jail for this.


It mattered when it was Covid and Trump was campaigning.

It’s not unlike abortion when all the Left will talk about is incest and rape while completely ignoring the “kill the kid for convivence” attitude proponents have, which is 99% of abortions.

The same will be true of this as people will solve a temporary problem with a permanent solution, death. A new money making scheme for an offshoot of Planned Parenthood.


Disagree. It’s very unlike abortion. This is about terminally ill people in pain choosing to end their life with assistance of a physician. Is there anyone who is still against them having that choice ?

The argument is already being made that a man shouldn’t have to pay child support if a woman chooses not to abort.

If it were about that, no cost analysis touting the potential savings would be necessary.

As I said, that will be your focus as, just as in abortion, people will convince grandma to sign-out, so they don’t have to care for her. It’s always abused, and never what the talking-points promote. ALWAYS!