We sure could use a President Bartlett and "West Wing" again

My wife and son are both big fans of “West Wing”. They’ve binge watched the whole series several times on Netflix. I like the series, but I’m not as addicted as they are. But one thing I do like is the leadership class of President Bartlett and his admin.

Here, in a 2017 interview, series creator Alan Sorkin talks about the Trump election and possibly bringing back “West Wing.” (The interview is somewhat dated as Sorkin says it looks like Roy Moore looks like he’ll be elected.) But he says he’d love to feel good about leaders again like he did with “West Wing.” He says the only thing stopping him is an workable idea.

I hope he finds one. If it’s one thing Trump isn’t it’s President Bartlett. And the public misses that.


Let Trump Be Trump

Oldie but a goodie:

■■■■ show.

What specifically didn’t you like?

The ■■■■■

That’s always been the part about using the back door that most grossed me out.

We have the best President since Reagan. We don’t need anyone.

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:rofl: :rofl: The idea that there are people ignorant enough to believe the above never stops it being too funny to believe. :rofl: :rofl:


We’ve got the worse president in US History. There, I fixed it for you.

Not to mention the most corrupt. His admin. will be like an ugly pimple and a disgrace in the history books.

Always portraying republicans as evil to start.

Didn’t the “bartlett administration” end with him spying on the incoming president’s transition over a phony russia dustup??

Life imitating art.

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I’m more of a fan of the leadership style of Jack Bauer. He should be president.

In the election to succeed him, a Democrat won and a Republican lost. Alan Alda no less. .

Why even bother…

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I remember. Still didn’t answer my question.

Well, I figure the hit-and-run comment was worth a follow-up. Facts matter. :slight_smile:

Republicans always the enemy. No hint of missteps or scandal. It’s all sunshine and roses for the liberal president.

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He was. Different show though.