We should blame CCP, Chinese Communist Party instead to unvax peple

Let’s put the blame back on the Communists in CHINA as the cause of covid 19. After all it is the Chinese Wuhan Virus. I am just sayin.

Of course Xiden should receive an honorable mention for opening the southern border to illegals infected by Covid.


Unoriginal Thoughts by Jack Handy.


I agree some are. Xiden is a great example.

But if we blame china, where will everyone get their slave labor?


Why don’t you just say blame anyone else but trump and unvax people for this pandemic?

don’t beat around the bush man.

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What does Trump have to do with it?

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same reason that biden has something to do with it.

Everything is Trump living in their heads. :wink:


we don’t mind…as long as he doesn’t live in WH.


Yeah, I know. :rofl:

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Fine. For the purpose if this thread, I will agree to blame China.

Now, what does that do? Does it stop the spread of a single Covid virus? Does it get people off ventilators? Does it open schools and businesses back up?

What practical affect does it have in dealing with the pandemic, right now, on the ground?


So blaming China will stop the spread of the virus…how?


So you are saying people would have not yet been vaccinated including low risk children and people who have recovered (and have better antibodies than the vaccine. ) Mr. Jay, another classic. Do you realize Yugos are now classic?

The governors, legislatures and residents of a bunch of former Confederate, Jim Crow and slave states had nothing to do with it, though…

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There was a lot of noise a year back about shifting crucial medication production back stateside, but I haven’t heard much about it since. That’s one thing that would be practical - securing those critical supplies so we’re never put in a position to be vulnerable to critical supply chain disruption.

Not sure what this word salad was supposed to mean. Wanna try again?

I don’t blame unvaccinated people. They are overwhelmingly the ones suffering under the new cases. Their choice, their illness.

Free riders shouldn’t be held responsible now?

I don’t know who free riders are, or what you think they are responsible for.

A lot of other countries are except the extremely woke ones, they are some that would rather catch the virus than be accused of racism because the CCP happens to be Chinese which means the white man has no reason to wag their finger at the CCP.

Obviously a little research it’s beyond suspicious that the most infectious disease ever to humans without any animal origin got released a few kilometers away from a level 4 Bio lab who has been caught lying numerous times about doing gain of function research. One doesn’t need to do due much investigation just google her name and read some of her published papers which she writes about doing gain of function yet now - nope never happened.

France and Australia are at the forefront of western countries who has heavily criticized China about the virus. For whatever reason communist countries with concentration camps and releasing deadly plagues really isn’t the big of deal to the left side of our country. They could care less that China produces more carbon than the rest of the world combined, somehow the CCP is on the cool team.