We Need To Stop the Shutdown & Go Back to Work

Here’s how:

Test everyone’s serum to find our who already recovered & was not in the testing count. Everyone who has recovered should go back to work.

Everyone who gets Coronavirus should be given he malaria drug/Zpac combo.

Everyone who wants the malaria drug as a preventative should get it and go back to work.

Crashing the economy will kill more than the virus.

All of this is doable. Time to get started.


The antibody test is in the process of being approved.


no…not now. Otherwise it would have all been a waste. We got this far lets finish this job and then get back to work rebuilding.


What is your qualification for making this kind of decision? Are you in any way an expert on biology, virology, the economy, mathematics, statistics? Perhaps this isn’t a great time for armchair anything.


Nah son. I’m good.

Go for it.

Imma stay here.

Problem is is that these are the people gonna ■■■■ it up for the rest of us


At this stage, I’m now scaling way back and allowing employees to stay home and do their best to avoid this virus. The government is cutting a check to all business owners with less than 500 employees, an amount equal to 2.5 times your monthly payroll to keep your employees financially stable and allow this pandemic to pass, minimizing their exposure. I’m going along with this but with the intent, that in 60 days, I’m ready to rock again…without being damaged beyond repair. I can do my end, keeping things as calm and stable as possible. We just started the 60 day time period yesterday so…let’s see what happens now?


Welp, Florida and Louisiana allowed Spring Breaks and Marti Gras to proceed, and now both states are hot spots.

That’s what ignoring shut downs does.

But lets! Lets go back to work!

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Duly noted Doctor Ceasar. If that is what YOU want to do…get your life.
However, I’m going to listen to the actual experts, shelter in place and continue to work from home so I won’t affect my family and my 70 y/o parent with underlying conditions. Thanks, but no thanks.


Isn’t the internet grand?

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These are two good examples of what NOT to do.

All in until April 30.

Then we see if we can SLOWLY and Incrementally begin resuming public activity.


I agree. I really want Trump to instruct all states to abide by this, effective immediately.

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I don’t believe it’s a simple blood test, but a microbial swab, & a fairly new test in the States.

I do agree, though, that the economy can only remain at rock bottom for a limited time. Eventually—the sooner the better, IMO—we have to gradually take more risks and open it up.

Just how is being unemployed & uninsured long term supposed to help anyone?

Agree. In fact, we need to go a little further.

For example NJ is still allowing residential construction and all manufacturing. That’s crazy. And makes NY and PAs efforts pointless to an extent.

Everyone is pouring in from out of state to work, then going home infected to their communities. Idiotic.

What state are you in? What industry is your business in?

We also are applying for the loan/forgiveness program. Should help a lot.

This needs to happen.

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I’m on the edge of rural NC and in a business deemed “essential”.


I wish you and your business the best during these times.