We need Sean's help fighting the latest attack on the American worker by big business using H1Bs

This is an open call to Sean Hannity to help us out in the IT community and expose the big business and establishment Republicans trying to sell us out to big business by allowing 300,000 H1B visas and their families to stay in this country and continue to steal American jobs! We need your voice to embarrass the Senate to kill this bill!!!

Wow - Republicans have now lost any pretense of having big government interfere in the private sector. Whatever happened to letting the market control these type of things?

Glad I got the hell out of the Republican Party.

As far as kicking out people who actually came here legally and are being productive members of society, if someone can’t compete with them I would advise getting more job training. People should show some personal responsibility and make themselves more marketable.


If we are at full employment, how can they be ‘stealing’?

why would sean go against trump?

“H1-B [sic] holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship,” Trump said

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You can be at full employment and steal jobs so Americans are forced to take jobs with smaller paychecks to make way for uneducated immigrants who were graduated by a 24 hour college where HCL Infosys and the rest of the theieves bribe the so called professors to graduate as many as possible so they can peddle them to American countries.

I know because I have not only been in IT and knee deep in outsourcing for 10 years but also because a drunk HCL exec spilled the beans at a dinner.

Trump is certainly not infallible and we can pressure him to do the right thing for American workers.

I mean, if these immigrants can do the job with such meager qualifications, maybe the replaced IT workers should look in the mirror and reconsider how valuable their skills and training were.

I know, I know. American workers will claim the immigrants can’t do the job and that they suck at it. But it’s not very believable that American companies just want to throw money at 300,000 incompetent immigrants.

I feel bad for the American workers that get displaced, but Americans should have seen this coming when they themselves were likely trained for these skills quickly and remotely. There was nothing stopping a foreigner from doing the exact same thing.

Glad that swamp members get out without Conservatives going to the effort of actually trying to take the time and effort of having to remove them.

The Republican Party isn’t “Conservative”. Any conservative with a shred of intellectual honesty would not be a member of that party.


Hey remember that time trump was gonna use HB1s for his hotels…or you saying that was a few days ago he made that request?

Lol at op. Good luck


Any Conservative with a shred of honesty would first be in the Republican party and vote for them, and would never vote Democrat in general, especially because of far left wing things that the Democrat Politicians support like open borders and Abortion.

Any true Conservative would never get caught dead voting for the Democrat Party.

You realize there’s less than a 1% chance Hannity sees this, right?

He’s not going to help. :joy::rofl:

Why are hiring managers hiring such unqualified candidates?

Ah, so you get your information from drunks.

Welcome to the forum.

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Except the Republican party doesnt stand for conservative values anymore. Have you not figured that out yet?

Epic post of the day lol

And they say the Democratic Party is the party of the worker.

More workers = less money per worker

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Will it sell ad time?