We need MORE immigrants and we need them fast

Home prices have been rising rather quickly for several years in most areas as demand outstrips the supply of housing on the market.

Builders cannot keep up because they cannot find enough workers.

The housing market is a crucial part of the economy and can drag the whole thing down as we saw in 2008.

We need to make it EASY for foreign workers to come and go LEGALLY using work permits or whatever it takes to get them here fast and keep track of them while they are here. If they know they can come and go easily and won’t be deported so long as they are gainfully and legally employed and paying taxes, they will not go into hiding at the drop of a hat and will be productive temporary residents. The price of owning a home is steadily and inexorably growing beyond the reach of middle class Americans as is the price of renting a decent place.

This can be tied directly to supply and demand driving the prices up. Homeowners and real estate investors might get excited about it, but it is hurting many many people.