We just want people to come in the right way... lol

What a complete pile of horse hockey that is…

Something tells me this guys story is not at all unusual in Trump’s America.

So what say you Trump lovers, is this what you all mean when you say you just want people to come in here “the legal” way and you’ll greet them with open arms? I think it’s exactly what you mean.

ICE is out of control. Not exaggerating, abuses are commonplace.

What I say is cue the violins or better yet “cry me a river”! I reserve my sympathy and empathy for angel families whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal aliens.

How about the children who have been murdered at school – by U.S. citizens – who were born here?

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So the Obama administration failed him and Trump let him in. Cool story.

Did you read the article? Trump tried to kick him out.

The SPLC was his only friend in all of this.

If people ever wonder why some want to abolish ICE, this is a good example as to why.

Why not reserve your sympathy for those murdered at higher rates by US natives?

Why not worry about the target of yiur own sympathy rather than someone else’s?

The poster made the target of their sympathy part of the discussion by inserting it into the thread.

Exactly we have enough murderers of our own without importing more!

Or by their relatives.

You seem less concerned about our home-grown murderers.

The fact that the SPLC supported him is enough to get him deported IMO.

Was he first seeking asylum from West Africa and then Ecuador? He was persecuted in both places and then every country he went through to get to the US?

He was in ms13?

Wow. Very revealing.


Which, of course, has absolutely no bearing on his application for asylum in the US.

Not to me.

Asylum is about getting a person out of danger. (OR should be.) If a guy has left his place where he is being persecuted and is in a place where he is not persecuted, asylum in yet another place (the USA) should be rejected.

Is that how asylum laws work?

Note the words: “OR should be.”