We hit a milestone We now have two times as many that recovered from it then those that died with CV

The mods can move this but I just wanted to point this out…since libs want to point out 50 thousand deaths who had CV but not necessary died from it.

Out of those that died with CV…now many of them died from other causes and CV was blamed?

Soon it will be 4 times more that recovered then those that died with CV…then 8


That’s great news! I’ve been hoping for this for a while.

Worldwide it’s 4 times.

Would they have died if not having CV?

Many of them yes…About 2/3rds of em.

And you know this…how?

Yeah, or death rates say that’s simply not true.

Courtesy of Six.



Right…all those that died with CV weren’t going to died from heart disease, cancer and other health problems.

We all die of something, Conan.

The bottom line is this virus should never been introduced and it is a miserable way to die…

China is to blame and should be held accountable.


That graph doesn’t support your claim of 2/3rds dying of unrelated causes.

No ■■■■■■■■ doesn’t change the fact now does it?

2,000 people died in America yesterday from this virus.

Because the preexisting illnesses that the vast majority of those who die with COVID kill a lot of people. Diabetes killed 83,564 in 2017, for example.

So just based off the data, if you have diabetes and COVID, which is more likely?

What are you saying, Conan?

Are you saying CV did everyone a favor?

What are you rambling on about?

CV saved about 8000 people in NY state from dying from other causes last month.

are you suggesting a virus that weaken your immune system could cause per-existing health issue to become serious…


Please provide the link to the study/report to which this graph is linked.

It doesn’t go with the New York Times story that you did provide a link for.




Interesting take on this.

so people should be thankful their loved ones died.
that is your spin.

I don’t do NYSimes…I only steal stuff from my friends.