We Have to do SOMETHING about Gun Violence! (Even if it's Wrong)

That’s what the left says, “WE have to do SOMETHING!”

Who cares if it’s wrong? As long as we do SOMETHING!

Often any problem that the US has we hear we have to do something, then that something is not the right thing to do at all, it’s a feel good solution, nothing more.

Remove our rights will not make us safer.


Preventing someone from owning an AK/AR/etc style rifle will lead to the breakdown of civilization. Believe me!


There’s no reason for guns specifically built for war to be in the hands of civilians.


Meanwhile, after the El Paso shooting, ammunition sales are exploding in Texas. May not be able to buy the ammo you “need” in Texas after tomorrow.

I think some people are preparing for a race war. Scary.


I think I’ll get some plinking done today. My evil scary guns are probably getting pissed at me for locking them up in the safe. Wouldn’t want them to hurt someone.


Sad to witness irrational behavior.

You are in far more physical peril in your automobile every day than from any firearm, legal or not.

Making more firearms out of the legal classification will do nothing.

NOTHING to improve personal safety.



Totally irrational to think about gun control after what has occurred. Totally.

People need to suck it up and accept that the founders intended for these types of incidents to happen.

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Well then you better ban every single gun ever made. Because in one way or another every single firearm platform was built “for war” or are descended directly from weapons built “for war.”

Is an AR-15 “built for war” anymore than the M1A? Both are based on military rifles.

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I alwys love the weird bragging that happens around here after mass shootings. ‘Gosh, a bunch of americans were killed with guns…I’m gonna brag about all the guns I own! After all, I never shot up a Walmart!..’

Such a strange response.

Reminds me of the annual "I burn tires on earth day ’ threads.


Those strings have some high tensile strength, huh? :wink:

Lets start from first principles. Do you think that the USA has a problem in the context of the incidents that occurred in El Paso and Dayton?

If the answer is yes, what action(s) do you think should be taken?

Yes and appropriate action has already been taken, one shooter is dead and the other will rot in prison. Action that punishes innocent people for those crimes should not be taken.


And there will continue to gun shootings like last week end.

Unless we punish the innocent crime will continue. Nope, not a fan.


What do you think should be the response?

Hope and prayers.

I thought I was clear, the response was adequate, one shooter is dead the other will rot in jail for the rest of his life. I will not give away liberty for security.


The president could suspend the importation of firearms and ammunition today, without congress…

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Your other thread proclaiming everyone wants to ban guns failed, so now it’s “do something even if it is wrong,”… :joy:

Why? What would it accomplish?