We Have Always known The Left Is Lying

They said:

-We don’t want to take your guns.
-We aren’t for gays marrying
-We aren’t for late term abortions
-Obamacare will save you $2,500 a year
-You can keep your plan
-You can keep your doctor
-We aren’t trying to ban religion
-We don’t want Socialism
-Free, free, free!

It’s all smoke & mirrors. It’s sold on envy, hate, & greed.

We knew they was lying about all these things for decades. We knew they are totalitarian control freaks. We knew it was all propaganda to further their agenda. We know eventually they will throw us in jail, kill us, & have labor/re-education camps.

They will do ANYTHING for power & control. It’s all they really care about.

Now they are setting up a surveillance state like in China that Google & IBM set up! You will eventually be punished as the Chinese for what you say, do or think that is opposition to them. It will be 1984 only worse. Don’t dare let your social score get low! It’s coming here, it’s already being built, thank you Google & IBM.

We know global warming is just to further Socialism. Every solution they have is raise taxes & impose extremist control freaking on everyone…except them!

They are lying about almost everything but to them it’s ok, the ends justifies the means to totalitarians.

They are the ones the founders had in mind when they wrote the 2nd amendment, & we should all take warning. They won’t give up, or give in. They CANNOT win this struggle for the country. It will be the end of freedom not just for us, but the entire world, & it will set off many wars, likely world war.

Socialism is a scourge, a disease, and basically a cultish idea that just won’t die. It impoverishes, enslaves, & kills millions. All it’s promises are lies, & harm the very people it promises to help. If you think it’s great in Venezuela, imagine a full on electronic surveillance state 24/7 every day of your life & you children’s lives. You won’t be able to breathe. It will be suffocating.

They aren’t progressive, liberal, or for freedom. They are regressive, oppressive, & dictatorial control freaks who are so arrogant they KNOW better than you how to run your lives. Trouble is, everything they KNOW is false. They want to tell you what to eat, what to say, what to drive, (well nothing now), & how to spend what YOU earn.

If you don’t believe me, just look at how they are trying to control freak everything, & are obsessed so much they inject it into everything, ball games, cartoons, tv shows, sports, etc.

Don’t give up your guns. Don’t hook up to smart home systems, dump google & amazon, & use search engines that don’t track you.


That’s why republicans voted for trump, it’s time for truth to be in power again.


Imagine making a thread supposedly about freedom and then attacking gay marriage.


It must be hard waking up every day feeling so persecuted and paranoid.


Be as gay as you want, shack up with whomever you choose. Don’t expect those unions to be accepted as the norm and don’t demand that the state certify and endorse them.


Lib politicians lie about everything. If America would just be smart enough to vote them back into power, they’ll fix all their past ■■■■ ups. lol

They already are and have been for a long time, despite the hand wringing of the people who occasionally remember they used to advocate for social conservatism before becoming Trumpists.

No they aren’t not by most of us.

They may be legal but they will never be normal or or equal.

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I have no problem with gays wanting to be with each other. It’s gross, but their choice.

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Most of who?

Old conservative dudes who care about supposed morality when it comes to same sex couples who love each other, but not when the Troll in Chief brags about cheating on his wife and forcing himself on women?

Yeah, frankly their opinion on the matter means less than zero.


how dare people want equal right under the law.

Let’s talk again on Nov 5, 2020.

It’ll take robots and needles to create offspring with their DNA. Totally normal, like it’s always been throughout history. lol


or wait for it they could hire a woman to have their baby.

We’re one asteroid strike or massive solar storm from restoring the balance of nature and it’s 100% guaranteed that both will strike the earth again at some point.


Funny thing is gay people were perfectly fine with “separate but equal” and just having civil union not marriages but Republican wouldn’t have that couldn’t let gay couple have the same rights and benefits as normal couples.


Won’t hurt my feelings. I know where my real home is. :sunglasses:

They are 100% equal in term of the law, which is what gay people wanted they don’t give a crap if christian accept their marriage or not.

the whole thing was about equal rights not approval.

No it was purely about forced acceptance and normalization of perversity.

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