We have a reason to be proud of the President

Trump U
Writing his own Doctors report
Hiring people indicted by the FBI and pleading guilty
Lying about being in Russia
Staff resignations
Poor Holly
Golf Golf and more golf
Cold Maritial Relations
No Wall Funding
Being on the outs globally regarding Climate change
Lying about Cohen paying Stormy
Tax cuts for the extremely rich
Babying poor Russia
Getting Mels Folks in the chain
Pardoning Arpaio
Not recognizing Hero Shaw of the Waffle House Murders

Trump is the finest America has ever had to offer and yu should all thank your luckey stars you are not living in â– â– â– â–  holes like Canada or France!

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Despite all that, which is definitely a lot, he does have kudos from me regarding about 60% of his priorities that he has set for ICE and the CBP.

I seem to think there were a couple other things with Trump that I was down with.


You forgot repeal/replace ACA and defeat ISIS in 30 days.

And balanced budget with debt fully paid off in 8 years!

Gorsuch… number one reason I’m proud of Trump.

Poking libs in the eye and aggravating their TDS with all the things in the OP… number two reason I’m proud of Trump.

He’s delivered what I wanted.

You can stack nothing burgers real high. Just think if Trump approved selling guns to Mexican gangs like Obama did about a year in…


Fake news.

If they release the Hostages the left will frown…:frowning_face:

Just stop with the hate. It really is not necessary.
It really makes you look meek.

Yes… Join the Kanye love fest… Trump is cool

Look like we will get good trade negotiation news out of China…

The Sunken place

CNN’s been there for over a year… along with Mueller and the inquisition team…

How so? Im not following you

The sunken place is a low point in life…

Uh No. The Sunken place is a Limbo in time and space where black psyce exists while white people take over their human form. Its where Kanye exist. Get up to speed man. Its 2018.