We got two things From North Korea!

Jack and ■■■■!

Yep, that’s right folks. The President told yet another band faced lie to the entire world by claiming preposterously there is no more nuclear threat from NK. No timeline, no plan no nothing. But the rubes eat it up anyway.

I will say if real progress happens I will give Trump full credit, but right now it’s nothing more than air.

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Wrong. We got a cool photo op for Trump.

Trump did get some tips in how to govern…


Well we did get a couple of pieces of paper signed by Kim and Trump.

Now, given the value of the words of Trump and Kim, each of us can make our own determination as to what those 2 pieces of paper are worth…

Trump is likely to get a shiny North Korean resort hotel out of the deal. That’s about all he cares about.

We shall see…it’s essentially the same deal they agreed to under GW and backed out of, except this time they got a seat at the world table and a concession on military exercises (war games as Trump ignorantly calls them)…I wonder if Trump even understands what they are for.

Trump singlehandedly stopped nuclear war. So much winning. Or something like that.

I really don’t blame Trump…but the people who won’t call him out on this ■■■■ should really think hard about what they are promoting.

They will sign a peace agreement, then 200,000 people will cross the dmz into SK. They don’t need nukes to destabilize SK.