'We found Russian hit-list of 47 people', Ukraine tells allies

Bold move by Ukraine, let’s see if they can put some evidence on the table

Sure, sure they did.


"As a result, “the investigation received a list of 47 (!) people who could be the next victims of terrorists,” he wrote on Facebook.

He did not provide any names but said the list included prominent Ukrainian and Russian journalists.

The 47 number is higher than the 30 people, including Babchenko, whom Ukraine originally believed were targets.

The investigation also gleaned important evidence linking the plot to Russian intelligence services, which would be divulged later, Lutsenko said."

I heard about the Russian journalist who’s death was faked, but didn’t look much into it. Interesting to see that this was part of that. I wonder how they came across the names.

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This time I beat you to it.

Knock yourself out bud…:rofl:

But do try and comment on the topic

The only thing surprising here is that they found such a list.

The Russians are gangsters and killing off the opposition is simply how business has been done there for a hundred years.

Sometime Russians will understan they can’t just come to another country and kill civilians, journalists, and others there. Honestly, I did not expect such a move from Ukrainian secret service, with all that fake murder etc. But nice move!

They can’t?

The Russian government is like the mob.

Let’s not get into ‘‘can’’ vs ‘‘may’’ discussion.

Hey, it was good enough for Israel…