We Finally Did It!🙂

We finally decided last year to buy a property, and bought one and moved yesterday. We’re living in a rural area with some amazing birdwatching just outside our door.

It’s a win win for us, as well as for the owner of our previous property. He’s looking to sell, as he’s fed up with the “management” company at the complex.

Not planning another move until the 12th of Never.


A huge and exciting step! Congratulations!

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Well done! Be happy!

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That sounds nice. I love birds too. I overlook a nature center and have a red-tailed hawk that I am watching. So beautiful.

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We moved to our house 20 years ago, it’s also 12th of never for us :smile:

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What general location???


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One of the rural towns in Massachusetts.

Home ownership is a beautiful thing. Congratulations on your new castle.


Massachusetts is nice, as far as the climate and scenery goes.

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It’s beautiful climate and scenery.

Red tailed hawk are beautiful. One used to eye my dad when he was using the garden hose. Dad wondered if he thought the garden hose was a snake.

So far, have observed robin, cardinal, red winged blackbird, blue jay, goldfinch & either an eagle or osprey flying over the lake.

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Yay! Congratulations! (I know you’ve been wanting to move for a long time. I’m so happy for you. :hugs: )

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Congrats but I love the convenience and infrastructure of the city too much to ever consider rural living.

I am still in the early stages of construction out here in North Carolina. I will have my own water and septic “infrastructure” and the electricity/cable/phone land line was laid several months ago. Fresh spring water will flow to the house.

In the end, it pretty much all comes down to personal preference.

I would quickly go ******* nuts living in the crowded city. I do like to visit the city, but wouldn’t want to live there. :smile: The nearest neighbor to me will be fully a mile away and I will be the highest location on that part of the mountain ridge, no interlopers, no traffic.

Now, of course, I figure a lot of you city dwellers would likely go ******* nuts in the first week living out here in the extreme quiet and solitude of the backwoods. On a clear night, you can see the lights of Winston-Salem, North Carolina from here, but on a moonless night it gets totally dark out here, away from the light pollution of the city.

I live in a rural area also. I can visit the bigger cities, but could never
live in one.

I like to people watch, and birdwatch. Definitely a lot of beautiful birds out there.
I think that a Blue Jay is one of my favorite birds, because it’s bright blue!
I like wood peckers also. It’s fun to watch them peck the trees, or if you put
food out for them, to watch them move their heads the way that they do.

What are some of your favorite birds? Do you two put out bird feed for the birds
on a regular basis? I have a relative that puts food out for the birds on a regular basis,
and at one point and time I think I saw around 14 Cardinals outside his window all
at once eating on the feed. I could definitely get into bird watching more, and studying the different types of birds.

Congrats on the move by the way.

“Congrats on the move by the way.”

Thank you :blush:.

I love watching bigger birds like hawks or ospreys. I wish the other day I hadn’t stumbled out of bed with no glasses, because a big, beautiful bird was outside the front window.

Looked like a wild turkey—they’re amusing to watch this time of year—but looked even bigger than the ones I usually see. Pheasant or something else, maybe.

Far as bird feeders, that’s something I’d like to do at some point. Right now, it’s the neighbors’ feeders that draw all the little ones. The male goldfinch bring the most color to what’s now cold, grey scenery.

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Eagles and osprey each have very distinct wing spans.

Think of Osprey as flying M shape…which allows them to actually hover in one spot in vertical manner.

Also mature Eagle wingspan is about 24 to 30 inches longer. :wink:

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