We are now in the longest government shutdown in US history

Prior to this shutdown, the longest one had been 21 days. We have now exceeded that length of time, so this is officially the longest government shutdown in US history. Employees aren’t getting paid, the people’s work is not getting done, but hey - this current government has now made history.

Anyone getting tired of all this winning?

Thanks Obama.

Yet another " better and greater than any other president" accomplishment for trump to brag about.

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How can one person stand all this winning.


Lol - the US isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t need “saving.”

Subcontractors won’t get their money either. And those are 100% republicans (just like only democrats work for government).

Mueller and the state attorney generals can’t finish all the investigations fast enough.

Trickle down economics?


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Why doesn’t Department of Homeland Security put forth a reasoned, detailed, specific proposal to Congress for additional border security?

The way these things are supposed to be done?

Congress has no business throwing cash at a president just because he’s squealing.


I am getting worried about food safety.

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