We are losing the war on Christmas


It’s not over a song.


Lol there are millions of song lyrics I’m protected from then. No song comes with a requirement that radio stations must play it.


Yes… I know. It is a canary in a coal mine about how society is devolving into liberal loonydom.

I felt the same way about gangsta rap.

I mean… it isn’t like we haven’t seen dumb ■■■■ like this play out before.

But people fall for it everytime. Got to keep the outrage up.


You do not believe black Americans should have the right to access public accommodations yet you are upset about a private business not playing your favorite cream-puff-pop song?

Sounds like a classic case of virtue signaling.


Render to Caesar those things that are Caesar’s and to The Lord those things that are The Lord’s.

Meditate on that…


No, but apparently there’s only one that virtue demands not be played.

You must love all that rap ■■■■■


Well, you screwed that up royally.

I don’t believe anyone has the right to another man’s property.

I don’t care about the song. I care about the Liberalanity Cult patting itself on the back.


It only moves one way. Kavanaugh’s hearing. You shouldn’t have done that.

You confuse outrage with disgust.


You have never participated in the central government’s wealth redistribution program by collecting pay or benefits from said government via the taxpayers, correct?


Oddly, I had never really “heard” (paid attention) to that song until Kurt and Blaine sang it to each other on Glee.


What do you mean “you shouldn’t have done that”

I didn’t do anything.

If you remember I repeatedly argued that there should have been a cursory investigation into the claims so the GOP could avoid a circus.

The cursory investigation happened… but with the circus.

Glad to see that the outrage is working on ya.


I was paid an agreed rate for a service rendered per the Constitutionally delegated powers afforded Centgov and paid taxes back on that just like you do and at the same rates.

I can’t wait to read the point of this one.


Sure you did. You waved your pompoms and chanted spells of your cult against Trump. You cheered the attacks on a man for the alleged with no evidence actions of the boy. You are creating generations of voluntary celibate males. Probably a net positive though. And all the while demanding the importation most “toxic masculinity” nationalities on the planet in your will to power.

Funny thing is, it was all for no reason. Kavanaugh was a bad pick.

You’re building a garbage society in your well-intentioned but misguided efforts to follow the tenets of your cult.


It’s still being played, Dude. One station taking it out of rotation does not change that.b

Why must I love all that rap?


^^^^ used to be a serious poster with interesting arguments. Very sad^^^^^


Never fear, the danger has passed.


:point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up: Never a serious poster. Never interesting. Very typical. :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:


The respect for females.


The point has already been stated. I am always happy to hear my dependents own up to their helpless attachment to the property of We the People. There is no shame in that. Not everybody is cut out for private entrepreneurship and labor.


Then go fight your own wars.

Not everybody is cut out for private entrepreneurship and labor.

That’s true. I am and have been pretty successful at it.