We are all one Tweet away from being fired

" The political climate is putting all employers on high alert when it comes to the words and behavior of their employees, Sinnreich says. “We’re understood to be private citizens, but when someone is the public face of a public corporation, that corporation should and must be held accountable for the actions of that individual,” he added."

Before everyone celebrates what happened to Roseanne, remember it can happen to you.

Unlike just a couple of decades ago, when you voiced opinions only heard by family and friends, now they become global. And your job is definitely on the line.

That sucks. Its not the Free America I was raised in. We should (in self defense) demand a separation from employment and personal life. They shouldn’t be allowed to affect each other.

Look at it this way. People who commit crimes but want to rejoin society should be allowed to, not let their past prevent future employment. The same principle here, not let private excercise of free speech cause loss of livlihood.

Of course I will be smear as usual. But remember, now may be the only time you could have stood up, and prevented what happened to Roseanne, happens to you express what seems like a reasonable opinion, but some nutball is offended and demands you be impoverished if not killed.

On the other side, do you really want to hire someone who appears to be a loose cannon and likely to go off in your employment?
And its not just twitter, its things like facebook where you can make it known that you may be carrying serious problems with you.
A hundred years ago you probably lived in a small town and people knew if you were a potential problem. Now, you get to prove it on the internet.

Maybe just behave like a human being and you’ll be okay?

Otherwise behave like Donald and occupy the White House; it seems to get the right percentage of the electorate riled up.


I’m self employed and don’t tweet so I’m probably safe

Its like free speech. The moment you try to define what is acceptable free speech, its no longer free.

Yes, some idiots will thrive. But I’m thinking about everyone else, me included. We once joked about the nuts who would outlaw suv. Its no longer a joke. Its possible someone extolling the virtues of a SUV be labeled a “climate denier”, a “hater” because minority neighborhoods are affected by pollution more than white ones etc ad nauseam. And then driven from their job.

Like free speech, it should be a blanket coverage. If one doesn’t have the right to say offensive things, then free speech does not exist. If one cannot say whats on their mind in social media without losing their job etc., then free speech does not exist.

You respond to offensive speech, by refuting it…with good speech. That’s the American way.

What’s happening now leads only to totalitarianism.

No, you aren’t. If you are licensed by county or city, a massive twitter campaign by bots making it seem like everyone in America is against you, might influence the Clerk not to renew your licenses.

My business isn’t dependent on licensing.

There’s a really easy solution to not getting fired for tweeting.

Don’t tweet racist ■■■■.

It’s that simple.


People are losing their jobs for tweets and FB posts that have nothing to do with race.

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When you put something out there in public where friends, coworkers and customers of your employer can see it you are consciously making the decision to join your employment and personal life.

That’s on you and there should be no crying about any consequences that may arise.

Sure. I’ll rephrase.

Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say in public.


Does it depend on public good will?

Point is, Artiificial Intelligence changes everything. Roseanne’s tweet took about 11 hours. They knew about her historical aberrations, didn’t care. I bet millions of BOTs flooded ABC with demands she be fired, and it was because they hate Trump.

In the future, anyone who hates what you say will be able to command millions of “dislikes”, millions of demands you be put out of business. They can make it seem like everyone in America is against you.

If that won’t affect your business, you have a special occupation.

Everyone else is a target. If we don’t protect ourselves from the AI revolution, we deserve it.

So we don’t have free speech, must censor our speech.

I recall leftists demanding Christians only speak in their closet, lest others be offended.

Perhaps you agree. But suppose the pendulum swings again, and America gets very religious. And they begin objecting to everything you say and believe.

If you can only state your beliefs in a closet, do you have free speech?

That’s a cool little fantasy you have going about the millions of bots flooding ABC with demands to fire her. :rofl:

Of course we have free speech - we have free speech in public, too.

Free speech doesn’t mean consequence-free speech.


NOT a fantasy. Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingrham to mention a few, have all be victims of a campaign that ultimately sought they be taken off the air.

Rush LImbaugh is wealthy enough to hire investigators, sleuths who identified the millions of tweets etc against him, as coming from about 100 individuals. They almost succeeded.

Corporations are learning America is not l100% leftists, when they are swamped by leftist bots some realize its bogus and ignore them. They are increasing in number. But the danger still exists.

We must protect ourselves. You may think your present beliefs are reasonable, but future generations may consider them disgusting and worthy of you being driven out of a job.

The consequence should only be those hearing the speech, can respond with speech.

Not that you be driven out of a job into poverty, or worse.

Suppose you like hamburgers. You think its reasonable to eat them.

Now, imagine those who believe cows fart causing climate change, and you are a denier if you continue eating burgers. Your disgusting disregard for minorities (who are affect by your lifestyle) should be punished by your being driven out of a job, business or public square where “climate deniers” belong.

You are the worst sort of individual, a burger eater.

Not really. What I have in such demand I could be the devil and people would still do business with me.

Most people though you are right, there’s no such thing as "live and let live’ anymore. Today, particularly with the left the only satisfactory outcomes are destruction and total destruction if you say or do anything they disagree with.


lol - Where did you get this “millions of tweets” crap from?

I believe you may be the victim of what some call fake news.

That shoe can be put on the other foot. I know its “delusional” to suppose leftist progressives agree. But some are still “classic leftists” (Libertarian), the “traditional Democrat” might see the wisdom in my proposal.

Hopefully we who believe in liberty can unite, and protect ourselves from the tyrannical progressives controlling our media.