Wayne County, Michigan refuses to certify election results

In minutes it aged badly. Single minutes.


Ouch this thread aged badly in such a short time.


Usually it’s Trump hanging his supporters out to dry like that and it usually takes at least a couple hours.

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Trump leaves yet another stain on himself, his party, and his loyal supporters.

I’m not laughing, you’re laughing.


I’m not laughing either. This got real scary really quick. Seem okay in Michigan for now.

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With as many Republicans willing to join in a ■■■■■■■ DOA coup like this, what would it be like if it were a lot closer?

Usually anybody with eyes runs from an ill fated coup attempt. Shoot for the king you better not miss and all that.

This is comically bad and you’ve still got way too many lickspittles ready to do their part. These people don’t care about democracy or will of the people and they’re clearly showing it.

In a closer election with more competency they’ll do exactly that.


The head of elections in MI was on the tube tonight. She said that there were clerical errors that are normal and were corrected. She did not say that it was the basis for their first vote. I wonder if they tried this stunt to see if they could get away with it. And when the ■■■■ hit the fan decided that it wasn’t worth the bother.
But I must say that if a handful of people can be so loyal to a political figure that they will flat out lie for that person we have a problem. Chris Krebs is a true patriot. He took the oath and stuck to it. And I hope that he considers that being fired by Trump is a badge of honor and a verification that he did his job well.


Why do Republicans hate democracy.

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Every chance they get they’ll show you how very, very much they hate it.

She wants to speak to Michigan’s manager.


This is dangerous ■■■■ they’re playing with.


Well the two canvassers got their 15 minutes of fame.

And then deferred to the sos.


Hope that woke them the ■■■■ up. That there’s some gravity to your politically stupid actions.

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That was apparent and the result was certified.

Mobs are rather motivating when the need arises.

Joe is on his way to the transition.

Trump is running out of time.


Good to see that Trump took this as the big boy that he is:


It’s also good that he’s just making stuff up.


Fascists got caught out in the daylight.

Two racists in Wayne County temporarily got the votes of an entire city chucked out the window and were just another 2-2 tie at the state elections board from throwing this to the legislature.

This is how fascism works and it wasn’t too far off from succeeding.


What’s worse is I guarantee boards like this are set up with the same number from each side because to allow one side an advantage would be considered too dangerous.

A safeguard like this only works if everyone involved is honorable.


How did it age badly? I was true at the time it was posted.

It aged badly in that it is no longer true. Not exactly hard to understand