Way to go Joe! BTW, where's my

What a shock! Joe Biden has officially sold out his religious views for votes. He hinted at this just a couple days ago. Now, he has reversed his views on tax payer funded abortions using the same stupid argument the other candidates are using to pander to the pro murder crowd. The argument is that since abortion is a constitutional right, no woman should be denied that right based in her ability to pay. Good thinking Joe!

Since I have a constitutional right to bear arms and I can’t afford to buy, where’s my government funded gun? Can I get it shipped directly to my house or are there going to soon be government funded distribution points that I will have to travel to? Thanks in advance…


Which is totally unlike the half the country that sold out their religious views to support a lifelong conman.


Good think no christian values voter supports Trump.


The right pushed too far on this issue.

What you are seeing is the pushback.

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Also it is absolutely bonkers to compare a medical procedure to owning an inanimate object.

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What a pleasant euphemism for terminating a life. “Medical Procedure” :thinking:… very sterile and innocuous.

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Joe can buy me a gun.

I’m not. It’s just as silly for someone to call a pro choice person “pro murder.”

Well at least he didn’t completely pretend to have any religious views at all and have the entire evangelical community fall for it.

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Whataboutism! Whataboutism! Whataboutism!

The hard truth is we are completely ■■■■■■ as a civilized society if we FORCE every pregnant woman, regardless of context (financial or otherwise) to bring a child (unwanted or wanted) into this world. You think undocumented immigrants are a tax burden? Just wait.

Besides, this is about constitutional rights, right? If we have a right, we should not be denied it because of our inability to pay. Your not suggesting limits on constitutional rights now are you? That’s discrimination you know.

True or false.

There are times when abortion is a necessary medical procedure.

That murder occurred already and Millions of times.
A gun owner has NOT killed anyone yet. I know since if he did he’d be nowhere near Hunnity forum to post.


Yeah, he did. He was described as a “devout Catholic” last night on NBC news. Where you think they got that information?

Why are you going down that rabbit hole? No one is forcing a woman to have a baby, she has that constitutional right to murder, just as I have a constitutional right to bear arms.

What’s the legal definition of murder?

The Constitutionality of Roe V Wade is tenuous.

The greater right is a right to body autonomy but it is counterbalanced by a right of the fetus’s right to life.

These are two equally important rights that come into conflict and only those who want to completely deny someone’s right to control of their own person can see the issue as black and white.

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It’s not whataboutism. I could care less about crazy joe’s religious beliefs and what positions he’s flip-flopped on.