Waukesha what is going on with Wisconsin

I think that’s the parade route itself.

The link I posted shows the route and where the SVU impacted the crowd from a cross street.

Gotcha thanks

No violence in this video look how fast the SUV was traveling

You’d love that to be true. Damn the kids as long as you can blame it on Biden somehow.


Wow. Why?

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This video spooked the hell out of me. This little girl maybe 5 or 6 is dancing in the street facing the crowd as the SUV speeds by just missing her. So scary. I hope she’s being hugged hard tonight.

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I know it’s crazy

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Sadly I don’t have much faith in either entity.

There is some sickness in the world. I’ll never understand stuff like this.

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Here is one BLM supporter:

Hopefully this tragedy will be a teachable moment.

From the Heavy link:

A woman wrote Heavy, “(A relative) lives in Waukesha, a black guy with dreads knocked on her door shortly after the incident at the parade. She wouldn’t let him in and he proceeded to go across the street trying to break into a building. My daughter called 911 with a description and they said they think he was driving the SUV that drove into all the people.” Police have not confirmed the suspect description, but they did describe the suspect as possibly being a “black male” on the scanner. A more specific description was not given.

A man wrote Heavy: “My friend was approached by the people in the car. One was arrested, other two on the run. They asked to use his phone. 3 African Americans, early 20’s, dreadlocks.” We are not printing his name, either, for his own protection, but we have it.

He added: “He’s at the station now. It looked like they ditched the car. He used the phone and they have the fingerprints. He said it looked like they were ditching clothes.”

To be clear – authorities have not officially released any suspect information, including race, age, or gender. These are preliminary accounts from eyewitnesses and other local residents, and sometimes preliminary reports can be wrong.

Ben Carson: Somehow we have to get it across that we are not each other’s enemy.
Biden: You have a right to be angry…I am.


Here is this from first hand eye witness.

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Guess I’m old school I always tell people when I interview them that they are live or being recorded before the interview goes on or even starts.


Waukesha demographics: 2010 census 88%+ White, 3%+ Asian, 2%+ African American, mayor (R), state legislators (R), House of Representatives district (R), US Senate split district (R/D).

Just provided for information.

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David Begnaud


CBS News reports: A law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation says the suspect who drove into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI. was fleeing another scene - possibly a knife fight - when he ran into & over some people. Reporting from




11:33 PM · Nov 21, 2021·Twitter for iPhone



I just saw this. I am not so sure about this though. My question would be if these criminals were fleeing would the police pursuing not notify authorities about the chase?

My God dude, have you never been to a parade!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

^^^ And it gets even dumber … :roll_eyes:

BS, people immediately combed the police radio chatter. Tons of old dudes monitor that. Record it as well, that’s how people went back and found the black guy running over people in a red SUV police radio.

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That’s not what a parade is. A parade by default IS people in the street.

I saw this I am skeptical as well because the police who shot at the SUV when it rammed through the barricades didn’t seem to say anything about a suspect. I am not going to list his name it’s all over the place now but his Facebook posts are troubling to say the least coming from blue check mark people on Twitter. Not going to eat crow for assumptions on why he did, but I would imagine the person on Heavy is the perp. He even has a music video on YouTube :roll_eyes:

Not sure what to believe probably won’t be till tomorrow until we know. I also saw reports there were other suspects but there is an actual picture of the man in the red SUV I didn’t see anyone with him.

On a side not the damn same SUV used to hit people was is in his music video I was talking about.

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