Waukesha what is going on with Wisconsin

I m waiting for information…wanna see who and why other than sick bastards no matter their ethnicity or politics.

Part of the greatness of our country is that we’ve always been able to go to parades and concerts and sporting events…

We ll lose a big chunk of ourselves if we lose that.


Protest peacefully not enter the capitol. Biden also called Rittenhouse a white supremacist. If this was retaliation for the verdict, Biden, the media and a host of other Democrats have the blood of children on their hands.


Never a good sign, reports at minimum 12 children are in the hospitals and a few among the dead.

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This is ridiculous and I can see what the rest of this thread is going to be.

If it turns out this was retalition this thread will be the least of anyones worries.


It is perhaps premature since we don’t have a verified motive. Potentially, not ridiculous.

Ya I am not going to jump to conclusions yet either they are reports as Zantax said on Heavy website but not posting on that until a mainstream media reports on the perps, causes and victims. As of now they are witnesses and a police scanner report on the suspects, we should wait. We have seen in the past what happens when one jumps to conclusions before it’s fully released.

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That worries me…libs are going to start something they can’t finish. And giving government the power to intervene thus creating more powerful government that will only fringe on our freedoms…but again that is precisely what libs want…they want government intervention.


This is from foxnews…23 people injured…fatalities include children.

“ Christmas parade: SUV mows down crowd, several killed, person of interest in custody

Waukesha, Wisconsin Police Chief Daniel Thompson confirmed in a press conference Sunday that a red SUV drove through Christmas parade barricades and struck at least 20 individuals, including children.

Thompson said an officer who has been on the force for just over six years opened fire on the vehicle. A person of interest is currently in custody but Thompson stressed that the investigation is “very active."

Thompson does not believe the suspect ever opened fire.

Some of the fatalities are children, Thompson said, and the identities won’t be revealed until families are notified.

Waukesha Fire Chief Steven Howard said his department transported 11 adults and 12 children to six area hospitals.”

They are keeping info pretty close to the vest on this one.

Hopefully they will not release anything until they are 150% certain of the information.


Targeting children. That’s going to piss people off big time.


I haven’t jumped to any conclusions, I have been careful to say if. Further, I hope like heck it turns out not to be true.


I know you haven’t :slight_smile: Your reading from the source I saw as well they have been accurate in the past.

He has to know by now if the perp fired a gun, there are tests for that.

Has Joi Reid called the driver a white supremacist or racist yet?


Press will handle it…and tech industry will censor it.

That’s… ■■■■■■■ disturbing.

I hope this isn’t some of sort of political retaliation. That will only make things worse than they already are.

The worst thing anyone can do is start saying things that aren’t known to be true. We just watched the entire mainstream media establishment get the entire Kyle Rittenhouse story wrong.

My advice is pay attention…pray vigorously…be thankful you live in a great nation, and let’s all learn whatever lessons we can learn from this event hoping it will help us bring justice to the perpetrators and prevent the next one.


Could also be some of those illegal immolents Biden has been fast-tracking through the Southern border.

Yep. Americans are thankfully in a mood to treat their children like the gold they are right now. If the perp(s) intentionally went after kids this country will react

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