WATERS EXPLODES: Mad Maxine Says Trump Creating ‘Migrant Chaos’ as ‘Political Ploy’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/waters-explodes-mad-maxine-says-trump-creating-migrant-chaos-as-political-ploy/

Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters publicly blamed President Trump for the escalating border crisis over the weekend; saying the Commander-in-Chief wants to “stoke fear” for political purposes.

Waters was speaking with CNN when she was asked to comment on the recent move by Central American migrants to storm the US-Mexico border; leading to the arrests of dozens of immigrants.

“Well, I am very saddened to see this situation with desperate people and all of this has being the political ploy of the President of the United States of America. He made this the central part of his platform, that he was going to do something about these migrants who were coming here,” said Waters.

“He called them killers and rapists, and he certainly did stoke a lot of fear about these migrants who are trying to get in, and so he promised the American people he was going to make Mexico pay for it all, that we would not have to pay a dime for it and now we have this chaos. That’s what he wants. He wants to stoke fear,” she added.