Watching liberals freak out is so entertaining

Yes, it is fun to watch the leftists freak out. I admit, I enjoy it profusely. But there is an outcome far more substantive than the predictable liberal whining.

For years the left has painted libertarians and conservatives as loose cannons. They love to compare us to the unhinged fascist genocidal maniacs of just about every flavor and era. But, regardless of these characterizations, it’s almost always the left that turns violent and unhinged, not the right.

I believe we are on the cusp of a violent upheaval. The leftist fakenews media will do it’s best to ignore the occurences which are indefensible, and skew any circumstance where the right is an accessory. Yes, lefties, I’m sure some bezerko alt-right goons are probably going to attack your people as well. But the difference is that our side wont defend their actions. Theh very well might even be the one’s defending you.

I digress. The point is, that a lot misconceptions have been instilled over the years but the totalitarian fakenews propaganda arms of the democrat party. I believe that when the dust has settled, a majority of current self-described liberals will see the light and finally abandon the party of slavery, internment camps, and jim crowe.

The republic has some rough days ahead, but it will be followed by a new golden age. The fascists and socialists will be defeated and America will be greater than ever.


That’s ok. Watching cons lose their ■■■■ for 8 years under Obama was a hoot too. The only things that changed in 2017 were the party in power and the party freaking out about it. Otherwise the behavior is basically the same.

And yes. You’re right. Once fascism in America dies down all will be well. The first step in that process is getting Trump out of the White House.

Unfortunately voting Trump out won’t be enough if there are 5 justices who undo all the societal gains we’ve made over the past 50 years.

No more women’s right to choose, disenfranchising minorities, blatant gerrymandering, corporations over people, neutering EPA, and so forth.

and you are the type of person the OP seems to be talking about.
with the hysteria you think will happen.

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Please be specific in what exact Policy’s that Trump has put in Place that are Fascist? Not his Rhetoric but actual policy.

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I know it must be hard for you.

I guess woman should choose before they spread their legs.

I guess minorities should assimilate like other minorities had to do and get a job.

Blatant gerrymandering might be a good thing. That way minorities can get rerresentation where they might not have any without it.

Corporations are people…large groups of people.

Neutering the EPA is a good idea. They shouldnt be able to make and enforce laws on their own. Their just unelected bureaucrats.

I can see though where your “so forth” would be really hard to take.

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Not hysteria. But if Trump gets a solid conservative judge Roe v Wade will be overturned. This court has already consistently sided with corporations over individuals. They’ve already shown skepticism towards the voting rights act. It’s just reading the tea leaves.

Really Alec. a violent upheaval?

LOL. another the sky is falling con. Ho hum


Separating Children from their families who were seeking asylum.

Seems Obama did that depending on the Parents so was Obama a Fascist?
I get Trumps admin went to the extreme on this at times. But that doesn’t make him a Fascist especially since he did look to fix it.
And he has repeatedly requested Congress to FIX Immigration and create a path for DACA kids.

So what else you got policy wise?

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LOL. No different than the 8 year temper tantrum the right threw after Obama first won. The old Hannity board was hysterical to read with all the pouting, teeth gnashing, proclamations of impending civil war, etc.

Ahhh so you believe you can read tea leaves and make stuff up.
Look if they do approach to repealing Roe V Wade I will be with you saying it is wrong. But they aren’t doing that. And I honestly don’t think the judges will want to Re-trial that case.

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If they were seeking asylum, why didnt they enter the country through immigration ports instead of illegal entry through porous borders?

Thats the same thing as a burglar breaking into a store and saying but officer, I was gonna pay for the stuff I took.

“Depending on the parents”

Seems you are glossing over some important details. Want to revisit what you mean by “depending on the parents”?

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Yes, it’s a weird, yet seemingly more common sentiment being expressed by today’s Trumpkins… Seems to go along the lines of “Obama was a racist divider”, MAGA, and then finally “I love getting revenge on these liberals”. Im trying to think of a time in our country’s politics when the opposing party openly expressed such glee for undoing recent policies or tearing down government institutions that don’t sit well with the other side. But sure, keep repeating it… liberals are whining and freaking out.

Some have been loose cannons… and yes, some on the left have compared Bush to various dictators… as they have for Trump, though he seems to offer up supporting evidence for drawing such comparisons at nearly every opportunity. So, it’s the left that turns violent and unhinged, and not the right, eh? And yes, Im fully aware that some of your “alt-right goons” will attack lefties. There was a small episode in Charlottesville some time ago concerning confederate statues being removed, in case you’ve forgotten… one of your “goons” ran a car through a crowd and killed a young lady, injuring many others. But your side won’t defend these actions, you say? Some of them were “very fine people” according to Trump. Let’s not forget all the frame-by-frame review by the right… “He didn’t accelerate…”, “That guy jumped on the car to make it look like he got hit…”. If you call that defense, save it for yourself.

And of course, you have to chime in on the fake news media… no doubt the irony escapes as I’d be willing to guess you tune in to Rush, Infowars, etc. This statement right on the heels of Carlson telling his Fox viewers “always assume the opposite of whatever they’re telling you on the big news stations”. That’s right, can’t believe any other news media, except for what we report. This is paired with a constant rant by Trump of fake news put out by CNN, CBS, NYT, etc… anything critical of him, it’s all fake news. There’s never any supporting evidence offered, just blanket assertions… and yet Trumpkins swallow it up hook, line-and sinker. Trump has openly called for trying to remove the licenses of several reporting agencies he personally does not like, he has barred certain members from the WH Press Corps, he’s barred American news agencies from certain meetings while permitting those form other foreign nations. See, those sorts of actions do have an erry parallel to dictators of the past… it’s very Orwellian… and apparently very popular with the right who disingenuously wrap themselves in the flag claiming they’re the biggest patriots of all, while simultaneously tearing down our institutions.

Yes, there are a multitude of misconceptions. For example, you go on the fourth paragraph talking about liberals abandoning slavery and interment camps. Apparently you’re unaware that Trump recently enacted a zero-tolerance policy that literally resulted with kids locked in cages. Literally. Talk about being unaware… And apparently you’re one of those incredible genios that like to claim the KKK support Democrats, or the Democrats started it. Tell me, who did David Duke support in the last election? After that, tell me what policies the Republican party has pushed or supported in recent decades that support or promote the welfare or minority populations? Thanks in advance.

And finally, get your own gig… stop repeating the BS you hear on your AM radio on the drive to work and at lunch… that’s all the above is… one more brain-dead rant saying literally the same thing… “Liberals are whining”. “Liberals are losing it”. “Liberals are going to start violence.” Just check the forum listing… you guys are posting multiple threads every single day. It’s comical, if not so damn pathetic. Meanwhile, your side is the party that wants to ignore Russians interfering with our elections and our government, you turn a blind eye to Trump calling for disbarring many members of the press, or denying due process to either immigrants and in some cases gun owners, you openly support ripping apart families because they’re not American… this could go on and on and on. Trumpkins are whatever they’re told to be… you can call yourselves patriots or whatever your heart desires… we tend to look at you all as feckless puppets, lacking any degree of morality or integrity.

And yes, we can agree the Republic will be fine. Mid-terms are gonna be a bitch for the Republicans, and my favorite surprise of all… we’re still awaiting Mueller’s findings from his investigation :wink:


Civil war is coming!

But the liberals are the one’s freaking out.


Jesus… have you heard of Trumps recent tariffs?

You guys dont even try anymore.

Every single on of those things he stated are true.

When Roberts swings left and he will as he already has. And when Gorsuch smiles and nods you guys are going to scream activist judges and won’t be able to stop until some “real conservative” will be finally put on the court.

Oooooh, scary!