WATCH: The Moment a Senior Obama Aide Learned Trump Won the Election

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New video emerged this week showing the moment former senior Obama staffer Ben Rhodes learned Donald Trump would become the President of the United States, repeatedly saying he needed time to “process” Hillary’s stunning defeat.

The footage is part of a new HBO documentary detailing the final days of the Obama presidency and shows Rhodes sitting alone on a park bench attempting to contemplate one of the biggest political upsets in modern history.

The video comes as Rhodes prepares to release his upcoming memoir detailing his time in the Obama White House. The book contains inside information over the administration’s response to Trump’s victory, including Obama questioning their entire strategy; asking “What if we were wrong?”

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The onset of TDS.
It should be required viewing at medical schools.

Hilarious…Later Ben says

“we’d run against Hillary eight years ago with the same message Trump had used: She’s part of a corrupt establishment that can’t be trusted to bring change.””

Rhodes is also the guy who called today’s reporters stupid for believing anything he said about the Iran deal…

I wonder if this is similar to the footage the night when Obama became president in 2008. I also wonder if they got that footage the night of Obama’s inauguration from the Caucus Room Restaurant, a place I use to walk pass everyday when I was contracting at FBI HQ, a where high ranking members of the GOP pretty much took a blood oath to obstruct and make him a one term president.

The old hannity board was on fire too. I wish there was a facetime video of everyone who was on the board that night back on the first Tuesday of November 2008.

I bet you think it was because Obama was black.

To me… the person you libs have declared to be a KKK white supremacist… Obama being black was the only silver lining I could think of when he was elected. I was hopeful at the time that it would be healing.

But he was the most divisive president in my lifetime.

Not one time did I mentioned race. You did.
Guilty conscience?

Once again…I’m not a lib

this is not your first post either.
you have always attributed opposition to Obama to be race based. You even get sarcastic about it.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. :rofl:

Because a lot of it is. Yeah…some of it was because of politics, but let’s be real and stop being dishonest. You are not being honest about the objection to President Obama. You, Call_Me_Ishmael might have been against him politically and I get it because I was against quite a few of his policies also. However the root to all this began with who he was.

You can’t be serious! Given who the opposition was, if he had lost, THAT would have been stunning!

see this is where you are doing something weird…

why do I often sing the praises of Clarence Thomas?

And …I know you will tactfully call me a liar about this but… Why did I read the speeches of MLK jr to my young daughter along with the speeches of Winston Churchill?

You have been totally jaded or something in life if you see me as racist. I don’t care as much as you want me to care though because typically race baiting is an attempt to shame someone into submission and silence by falsely accusing them of being a racist. Since I have never said anything racist here, I will not be shamed into silence.

He’s faking

Could have fooled me.