WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Speaks at Trump’s ‘MAGA’ Rally in Missouri | Sean Hannity

Radio icon and conservative legend Rush Limbaugh addressed President Trump’s supporters in Missouri Monday night; urging all voters to head to the polls during Tuesday’s high-stakes midterm elections.

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Got to Love Rush. Almost peed my pants when he zinged Crooked Hillary like he did.
He did a Grand Slam! The Place went wild! Lock Her Up! She’s behind all of the hate on Trump. She paid people to disrupt Trump Rallies, she paid the Kahn Fmly, Puerto Rico Carmen Cruz, + she uses Anderson to cover her smear campaigns. Google Hillary’s Craigslist ads… She hires people to protest Trump-Gives them BLM-KKK-Anti-Trump Signs+sends them in on the same buses. She hires them as Actors or Photographers. Fighting Skills a plus. Blocking Traffic. When she was busted doing this she posted fake Trump ads trying to accuse him of doing this. She had to pay people to fill seats at her rallies.
Trump never had to pay. People get shut out + remain outside watching the rally on TV Screens. The people had enough of corrupt politicians. The Businessman beat them at their own game. POTUS45 The Greatest in My Lifetime!