Watch out Mark "Willey" Milley will screw up more

Willey Milley is another stooge in the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier Show

Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Wednesday that it’s “possible” the United States will seek to coordinate with the Taliban on counterterrorism strikes in Afghanistan against Islamic State militants or others.

This means the free afghans in Panjshir Valley are canon fodder in the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier administration Willey Milley and Biden will take out the opposition for the Taliban.

And almost the dems will defend it like Benghazi. Because the talking heads tell them too


They honestly believe the past two weeks are an utter triumph. Even progressive propagandists like the Washington Post editorial board are angry.


Hey, the TV tells them it is… so that’s reality. It’s on GMA, so…

Why shouldn’t we coordinate with the Taliban if it grants us a tactical advantage over terrorists in Afghanistan?

Negotiating a withdrawal with the Taliban that gives them control of the country=good policy

Coordinating with the Taliban to target terrorists= bad policy

or something

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Waiilt till Milley and Biden start coordinating drone strikes against former Afghan supporters in the Panjshir Valley.

Taliban will use Americans to get rid of those left behind. This has turned into an insane bunch of liberals.

After all Biden said those who wanted to leave (Afghanistan) left. Biden believes only stupid people were left behind.

Biden’s inconvenient truth will be taken care of.

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Did we learn nothing over the past week?

Lumping everyone in Afghanistan into a big “terrorist” pot isn’t helpful or strategic.

By their actions, they determined they are not trustworthy…period.

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You’ve heard of the midas touch (where everything one touches turns to gold)?

This administration has the crapola touch where everything they touch turns to ■■■■■

I’ve never seen anything like it! :roll_eyes:

We’re you mad about the whole abandoning the Kurds thing?

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Why did Trump negotiate giving the country over to terrorists?


Why did he bomb them when they reneged?

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And when did he do that? The Taliban never stopped advancing after the agreement. Instead they used the agreement as proof that the US did not have the ANA’s back. By the time Biden took charge the majority of local agreements were already made and the only thing we could of done to reverse it would be a full-on redeployment


We hit them everytime they attacked us
. That was the treaty. They quickly learned not to attack us. That is why there were zero American deaths until Kabul after the treaty. Your right Afghanistan had their own deals that Biden could not reverse but he could have done a lot of things to change what did happen.


Your imagination is colorful.

Yes but we have them free reign to do whatever they wanted to our allies. They used this disregard towards the ANA to negotiate the country’s surrender

I was there. Don’t call me a liar. How many Americans deaths were there from Feb 29 2020 to Aug 21?


And didn’t you say it was obvious to anyone that’s ever been there that the army would fold?