WATCH: Maxine Waters Interrupts ‘Non-Political’ AIDS WALK to Attack Trump | Sean Hannity

Hyper-liberal Congresswoman and notorious Trump-hater Maxine Waters interrupted an annual AIDS Walk in Los Angeles to viciously attack the President, blasting Trump during the events opening ceremony and screaming “reclaiming my time.”

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I wonder what disease attacked the mind of this poor woman.

Well now…“we” all have to admit that this crazy Congress lady does have a point there? :sunglasses:

I love how she can whip up so many folks into a frenzy.

I must have missed the right wing outrage when Trump made his speech to the Boy Scouts.

Waters doing the AIDS walk is political.

Any politician doing any event like this is political.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in this one. It must be a heavy burden to carry.

I’m not sure i’m reading the same thread you are.

Maxine Waters displays the manic symptoms of TDS sufferers. Trump Derangement Symdrome is not something to be taken lightly with the recent passing of Anthony Bourdain. I recently saw Joe Scarborough on Friday and he was borderline out of control. I think we may eventually have to ban belts and neckties if all this winning doesnt stop.

TDS. Check.

Joe out of control. Check.

Winning. Check.

Here’s your participation medal.