WATCH LIVE: President Trump Addresses the Nation from the Oval Office | Sean Hannity

President Trump is poised to deliver his first prime-time address from the Oval Office since his inauguration Tuesday evening; speaking directly to the American people about the ongoing government shutdown and the nation’s security along the US-Mexico border.

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Just a quick thought how many in Congress live in a security enhanced (walls , fences, guards, etc) community, how many and who actually have wall around their homes?

Second: In the advertising clip for the movie “The Upside” when Kevin Hart talks about the size of the catheter and Bryan Cranston replies with “that’s what she said”, isn’t this a bit degrading to women? Why is no one taking Hollywood to task for this?

Just a couple thoughts

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You poor little bitch boi. If it bothered you so much, why’d you watch it?:joy:
No back to our regular programming. My President Trump’s😎