WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Confronted Over ‘Abortion Bill’ in Iowa Town Hall | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator and potential 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren was publicly confronted Friday over her stance on late-term abortions across the United States; telling a packed audience that “infanticide is illegal.”

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Elizabeth Warren needs to stop playing the “see no evil” game and get her head out of whatever hole she is hiding in. With the types of laws that have been passed or proposed in several states, infanticide is no longer illegal across the country. For her to vote against the bill just shows where her TRUE feelings are regardless of what she says.


I agree. She also totally skirted the issue. Yes it is illegal, however her vote was to open the door to making it legal. I can tell you right now that Warren, along with the rest of the looney left, stand 0% chance in Iowa!!!We Conservatives in Iowa will make damn certain of that!!!

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Is that where she is? We,in Massachusetts, were wondering where our senator has been. That state can keep her. She doesn’t do anything for us anyway.

_Warren was speaking in Iowa when she weighed-in on her Universal Childcare proposal and a ‘Medicare for All’ healthcare scheme; saying “If it’s your grandma, or it’s you, or it’s your niece’s baby, we’re all going to pitch in as equals so we can be there for each other.”_

But my grandma never worked and I haven’t bothered working in ten years and my niece is an unmarried mother who has never worked. None of us paid taxes so thanks Ms Warren for the handout…we won’t bother working at all now.