WATCH: CNN’s Anthony Bourdain Says He Wants to ‘Poison’ President Trump | Sean Hannity

Liberal celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain told reporters in Los Angeles that he would intentionally poison President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un if he were to cook for the world leaders, saying he would serve them a dose of “hemlock” given the opportunity.

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Sadly, He just killed himself. Rest in peace Tony Bony. Great show before CNN… Don’t know what you were thinking killing yourself…

the kind of hate he had and shares with many libs will cause one to self destruct. We see it every day, albeit at a moderate level, here and in the public’s eye. The lib narrative is partly to blame for his suicide.

November 8, 2016… a day that will live and repeat in the minds of Trump haters over and over and over again… until it drives them mad.


Depression is a hell of a thing. The man was one of my inspirations, and he will be missed.

Was he suffering from depression? The article I read said they didn’t know what motivated him.