WATCH: Clinton Supports Al Franken Over Sexual Harassment Claims

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President Bill Clinton publicly defended disgraced former Senator Al Franken this week, saying he’s “just an old fashioned person” who stands with the 29 “women of SNL” who drafted a letter in support of the prominent Democrat.

Clinton was speaking with PBS News promoting his upcoming novel when he was asked to comment on Franken’s ouster from the Senate; facing questions over whether his decision to resign “was a good thing.”

“Well, in general, I think it’s a good thing. Yes,” said Clinton. "I think that, to be honest, the Franken case, for me, was a difficult case, a hard case.”

“There may be things I don’t know. Maybe I’m just an old-fashioned person, but it seemed to me that there were 29 women on ‘Saturday Night Live’ that put out a statement for him, and that the first and most fantastic story was called, I believe, into question,” he added.

Watch Clinton defend Franken above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon