WATCH: Bernie Sanders Calls the Israel Government ‘Racist’ and ‘Right-Wing’

Originally published at: WATCH: Bernie Sanders Calls the Israel Government ‘Racist’ and ‘Right-Wing’ | Sean Hannity

Far-left Senator Bernie Sanders viciously labeled the current Israel Government “racist” and “right-wing” during a campaign event Tuesday; saying people in the region have a right to “security” and “independence.”

“Most of my biological family still lives over there, and I find myself regularly concerned for their safety. How do US-Israel relations look under your administration?” asked one audience member.

“I spent six months of my life in Israel. I have a cousin who lives in Israel. I will do everything I can to protect the independence and security of the people of Israel. Israelis have the right to live in a safe nation… But I must tell you this, to be for the Israeli people does not mean that we have to support right-wing, racist governments that currently exist in Israel,” said Bernie.

Watch Sanders’ comments above.