Wasted votes for our caretaker POTUS

Trump the loser.

Ha ha ha…

I did not vote for Stumblin Joe.

The point of this thread was “How did Biden get there”…correct? That question makes your boy Trump the star of this thread.

I do not have time.to give you a comprehension class.

To me is Biden the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier was a wasted vote. You brought up it was Trumps fault that Biden got elected. I heard that libs would eventually blame Trump for their voting in Biden. The buck stops at the voting envelop. Good grief, man. Get it together.

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Maybe Trump really won. Hell I don’t know. I am not saying he did. However almost half of America did vote for Trump. Over half vomited for your goofball. So you all found some more votes for Biden than Trump. I think the votes were cast for an idiot who campaigned from his basement. Makes no sense to me.

How did we get such an idiot in the Whitehouse, uninformed voters not using their heads.

You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink.

Trump didn’t lose because of his crudeness. He lost because of his inept handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. If he had shown some competence in handling that he would have won the 2020 election even with his crudeness.

The problem with that claim if it was true would mean that H Clinton won in 2016.

Sure, he did just fine. The article is just an ad hominem partisan hit piece. I am not at all surprised that you are here shilling it.

You really don’t understand it?

Trump was such a lousy president, he would have lost to a box of hammers with a big blue “D” painted on the side.

You voted for biden. Enjoy his presidency


So far, so good. Thanks!

9 months of decline. This is rather funny.


I watched it. He did not.

Better stay home and enjoy the covid enforcement teams in the homeland, Bro. Some of your countrymen are suffering.

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WA has not been in lockdown for months. Shall we compare per capita deaths rates for Australia and our states compared to the US equivalents? We have recorded 9 deaths in WA during the entire period of the pandemic and currently have 2 active cases in quarantine.

Trump would have won the 2020 election if he had the same record.

I hate to say it but the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier hair sniffer is his own hit piece of ■■■■■

It would be far worse if Trump was still president.

Stay in Western Australia, Bro. Go on a walk about.


A lot of voters fell for the moderate lie.

It was what we wanted after all the TDS.

Had Trump won the economy would be better. I also think we would have had another summer of antofa riots.


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