Wasted votes for our caretaker POTUS

After watching Anderson Cooper Biden interview last night, it dawned on me there were a lot of wasted votes. How did we get a loser into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Cooper had to help him respond to the questions.

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In a way I feel for Biden because his vulnerable state is being exploited by the Dems to make him into a pawn.

The Deep State is truly a terrible cancer.


You have a good heart, Flame. I respect your heart felt answer.

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Simple …By running a sorry excuse for a human being against him.

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So you are saying IT WAS TRUMP’S FAULT.

Scratch that is the funniest thing you said all evening. You are a real Letterman.


You’re kidding right?..lol. Trump ran and he lost…Whose fault would it be?

You said it not me. I ain’t gonna bail you out on your comment. :rofl::joy::rofl:

Actually I’m still kinda stunned that you think Trump losing wasn’t his fault…lol.

I ain’t bailing funny man Letterman out either. He retired at the right time.

So you got nuthin’…lol

I am thinking Biden is not Trump’s fault. I knew liberals would start blaming Trump for Biden sooner or later. It appears to be sooner.

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I got everything.

Trump was so unpalatable to this country , he couldn’t even beat Biden…lol. Now if your side ran pretty much anybody else, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Oh, I am not excusing Trump for his crudeness and liberals lighting their hair on fire. It is not his fault for liberal hair lighting. But he did egg them on.

Let’s get back to The One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier, Stumblin Joe.

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Who beat Trump…:grin::grin::grin:

Not even a sliver of “everything.”

I saw some people standing on a bridge over the freeway with a large sign, Trump Won. And, laughed as libs gave the one figured salute at the people with the sign.

Your comment is relative to…

Your idol losing BIGLY‽

Let’s get back to the star of the show, the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier. Did all y’all like his appearance one the town hall last night?

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