WashPost: Trump's promise to a foreign leader is basis for "troubling" whistleblower complaint

Which would kind of make any promise he supposedly made less than urgent, wouldn’t it?

We’ll wait and see but “Credible and Urgent” according to the IG is not something you want to hear when is related to the president of the United States.

Also, what’s telling is that trump hasn’t tweeted anything about it since the story broke.

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Just gonna wait and sit this out. See what comes of it.

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Agreed. What is clear (to me at least) is that congress must be provided absolutely all of the relevant information, immediately.

BTW, the IG testifies in closed session tomorrow.

Depends on the promise.

If he promised to send a birthday card to putin we wouldnt be here.

If he promised to strike the sauds and blame iran then we have an issue…

Why this needed to be explained is ■■■■■■■ stupid.

Yeah…i think this needs full cooperation…need to find out if this puts US at risk…or if anyone is compromised. If not…let it be.

You know I had same thought.

Yeah, I guess its possible to make up idiotic scenarios out of the air.


My brain had it as the sauds doing it so they would have to get nuke power and thus s bomb alarms the marshal plan.

It was a hypothetical example doug…

You took it serious I guess…that’s your problem not mine.

Little knee jerk defenses of this idiot in the White House will cost people.

The Marshal Plan had nothing to do with Atomic Power or Bombs.

We rebuilt Western Europe and fed it’s starving populations in the wake of the war.

There’s no confirmation any of this happened at all.

I’m assuming you bypassed my first two words in that post.

Which are irrelevant to my comment.

I don’t know what to tell you, but what I do know is that the IG will be testifying tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some information leaked out.

True, it could be nothing. And “troubling” is a lame headline generating word.

But if it is something of interest it will still be TDS.

So it could be korea…promising he wouldnt let the cia spy on them…

Which would be ■■■■■■■ stupid as all get out… not treason just mind numbingly stupid.

The Saud thing was just a fun thought.

Only with my wife…I’ll be damned if some internet turd ( general turd on the internet) says I’m wrong.

It was a phone conversation which could possibly point to Putin.

You are absolutely correct…and no one in this thread said there was confirmation including @Apocalypto.