Washington Post op-ed: GOP tries to paint Dems as radical and misses the point

It’s been a Republican trait for years to go over the top in exaggerating about the Democratic Party. And they’re doing it again with the talking points in this op-ed from the Washington Post, which is made-to-order for Fox News. As former Gov. Ed Rendell says, "They pounce on anything someone in our party says and make it seem like it represents the whole party.”

The accuracy of the characterizations is always suspect. Our host, in a report on new abortion legislation, used this against the whole Democratic Party even though the legislation he was discussing was for single states. What could very well stymie the GOP tactic is that positions being discussed by the Democrats are popular, such as taxing the wealthy and gun reform.

Such is life in politics.

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Yep. They pick out a few things they know they can use to scare their voters about and go all in. They never actually engage in discussing the actual policies being proposed in any intellectual way.

It’s why they are still taking about Hillary’s emails.

That tactic they use will fool some of the people some of the time, but not all.

It fools enough, though. Just look at the thread topics on this board, for instance.

Exactly. I’m kind of surprised more people haven’t come in this thread and commented. But hey…

Look no further than WAPO in title for your answer.

It is their ace in the hole. It’s the go-to when nothing is working. Works more often than not on a lot of people.


Think of all the people they got to believe that Obama and Hillary are far left radical Socislists!

Well our host is correct! Anywhere from abortion up to the due date and birth canal to 90% “tippy top” taxes, open borders, lawlessness, amnesty, is all trending in the Democrat Party, the newbies are rather blatant about their socialist policies and any blue-dog Democrat left in Congress is extremely rare!

Clearly it fools some of the people all of the time.

I’m not sure “fools” is the right word. The people who believe this garbage actually want to believe it and actively seek it out. They tune into talk radio and partisan TV in order to be outraged. It’s what they want.

Well that’s true enough. If you’re a willing participant, I guess no one is duping you. :slight_smile:

It’s funny to think of the days when one could honestly say there were radical Democrats – in the late '60s during the Vietnam War era. This is not that. Democrats today are very much Establishment. Not sure I’d say the same about the GOP, though, with all the conspiracy theories, etc. That is not Establishment. Unfortunately, the President lives in that. Hopefully once he’s out of office, things will settle back to where they should be.