Washington Post fact-checker says Trump has 'now hit 10,000' lies as president

10k worth oh lies in 3 years. This has to be some kind of a record. Oh i forgot the truth isnt the truth or dont believe fake news

All politicians lie. At least Trump doesn’t try to hide it.

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Fortunately, it is fairly easy to tell when Trump is lying. Just check to see if there are words coming out of his mouth…


Damn…he’s now unfortunately qualified to be an American politician.

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Hammer…meet nail.

You actually think it’s a net positive that he lies so much and so blatantly that it’s undeniable?

But wait…moral values?
Did God really send a blatant liar

Absolutely not…and yet…I consider his to be one of the most honest administrations in history and I also believe…the real truth of who lied and did damage to our nation, will be revealed in the very near future by the IG report.

I believe you’re going to be disappointed. I suppose only time will tell. Or not.

Dude been lying like a con man his whole life and it worked. Why stop now?

From “Drain the Swamp!” to “Meh, everyone lies” in the span of less than 2 years.

(I would say more but the Monday morning flaggers have been busy and there’s no point)


this is amazing.

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I want to say more too, but yeah…I agree.

There are some people on here that would find an excuse for all 10,000.


Well, according to Old Testament passages, God did allow Saul to become king of Israel - even though He warned of the problems establishing a king could cause. Sure enough, the problems came.

So, I guess in that sense, God can allow certain things to happen - even when he knows it will lead to a train wreck.

As far as morality though - one would have to look somewhere besides Trump to find that.

They never wanted to drain the swamp.

Seriously if this is the mental gymnastics that Trump supporters have to do to justify their eternal support then perhaps Limbaugh had a point about low information voters!

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I have asked Trump supporters on this forum repeatedly to explain what draining the swamp actually entails and to give me some tangible examples of Trump doing this. I am still waiting for a reply.

Remember folks, all politicians lie. This honesty by Trump is so refreshing!

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this is what the effects of gaslighting looks like.