Washington Drops Redskins Nickname

The Washington Redskins have announced they are dropping the “Redskins” moniker, effective today.

I suggest the new name should be the Washington Slugs. A slug has no spine.



The cancel culture is alive, well and the Redskins just paid homage.

Washington BLM?

In a couple of years literally no one will care about the name change.

You all realize that… right?


How about yellow-bellies??

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Actually, there are several acceptable names for the Washington team.
The Washington Grovelers.
Washington Sycophants.
Washington Weaklings
Washington Yellow-Bellies.

I still like the Slugs.


Given the owner there is no doubt in my mind tht the new name is the washington Snyders

Washington Farrakhans?


It’s indirectly how the Cleveland Browns got their name.

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This makes senses as a joke.

Geez, why do you guys hate capitalism? They haven’t been able to make money on the Redskins name for years.


My favorite thing about football has always been the super bowl commercials. The rest is insanely boring to watch.

What’s a name that will pay the proper amount of respect and homage to blacks? Washington Martin Luther King Jrs.?

Malcom Xs?

Because Redskins is a offensive to. . .black people? Listen to yourself.


Just being woke and culturally sensitive. Someone will be offended whatever they pick.

Or you could just admit it was a terrible joke that makes no sense.

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If they keep the same colors, the novelty will wear off faster than an expansion team’s.

There’s a meme for this going around but I doubt it would pass the TOS test here.