Was Trump crazy like a fox with the "delay the election tweet"?

By posing the question about possibly delaying the election, Democrats predictably responded with saying that the election cannot be delayed and the results must be accepted.

If Trump wins, he can now use the Democrats own words to shutdown any claims that the election was illegitimate. Likewise it also means that they cannot delay the election if they realize they are losing.

Was that a brilliant tactical maneuver on Trump’s part?

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When have Dems ever claimed an election was or was going to be illegitimate? The only one that has doe that is the “man” (I use the term loosely) in the White House. Remember he said it was rigged when he thought he’d lose?


Yes he dazzled us with that eleventy dimensional chess again… :roll_eyes:


Yeah that’s it. Crazy like a fox.

Like daily since November 9, 2016.

Many attended Russian-organized not-my-president protests.


Really? Not even remotely the same…

mail in ballots will delay the election for months until enough mailed in ballots show comrade biden is elected…

1861 could never happen again

At the same time as attending Russian-organized anti-Trump rallies, they willingly supported the debunked Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory and surveillance-agency coup attempt. That went on for over three years.

Once they realized that that whole Trump-Russia fraud no longer even passed the laugh test, they embarked on a nakedly political impeachment trial.

Trump has effectively pulled the rug out of four more years of coup attempts and sometimes-violent resistance.

Trump is so abundantly transparent with this and yet still…what is he really doing?

No. It was to distract from the report of the single largest GDP drop in American history. So it kinda worked?

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I can’t believe there are still people who think Trump thinks more than one move ahead.


Interesting hypothesis. I don’t suppose there’s any way we could ever find out…

Ah ya, 11-dimensional chess moves to explain away the fascistic threats right before your eyes.

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i cant believe there are still people who think trump thinks.


Excellent! Not used nearly enough.

The POTUS directly ■■■■■■■ with our election is OK.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

I credit Steven Calabresi’s recent op ed.

Well, he hasn’t done anything yet. And he won’t.

Yeah, I saw it.