Was the $20 Million GoFundMe for Trump's wall a scam?

A private group dedicated to building a wall along the southwestern border has raised more than $20 million since the start of the year, but it’s yet to put a shovel in the ground.

Out of more than 260,000 people who have contributed to the GoFundMe campaign, some have started raising questions.

Founder Brian Kolfage says he plans to build sections on private land with owners’ permissions. The whole thing sounds fishy.

I thought there was already a thread talking about the goal being $1 billion, only raising $20 million, and all that money being refunded.

I had heard that a while ago, but apparently it’s not true. In fact, they are still collecting $$$. People have started to complain and ask questions, but he won’t give details, claiming the ACLU will try to stop his plan. He seems nutty.

I believe I made the thread about him being a scam artist…

This is from an hour ago. Steve Bannon, Curt Schilling, and David Clark. Uh oh.

Man. This is some Jacob Wohl level suspense. I can’t wait see the big reveal.

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If you’ve ever done a gofund me thing. You don’t get the money until the campaign has ended. So if they put an end date of July 1 2019, then gofundme doesn’t release funds raised (minus their fee) until after july 1 2019.

Amazing how they did not say that, and instead made up a bunch of other crap, huh?

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There’s nothing that says “transparency” than spending donated $$$$ in secret. Lol can’t wait to see who’s getting wealthy in all of this. That would be Kolfage, Bannon, schilling, Clarke, and all the landowners and contractors in on the grifter.

Good. Let them fleece suckahs. I couldn’t laugh harder.


Then why all the confabulation?

Eric Prince is on their board.

A fool and his money…


Good. Let that billionaire use suckers $$$ to make himself wealthier. They’re a bottomless pit for people like him.


It is getting tough to find something born out of the right wing that doesn’t end up being a grift.


Another example of right-wing stupidity.

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Here’s Brian posting pictures of his new yacht. Wasn’t he just complaining about nearly being broke a year it two ago because of some dispute with FB?

Thanks suckahs!


They are now in the process of starting the refunds as he will not reach the go fund me target but he is now asking people to redirect their refunds into their newly created PAC.

The guy is a scammer.

As I understand it, Go Fund Me, unlike Kickstarter, does nor require that the goal is met, and money is allowed to be withdrawn as it is raised.

He bought a yacht lolol funny of true

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Administrative cost.