Was Mike Rodgers, Obama head of the NSA, recommended to be fired for telling Trump about Political unmasking?

Here’s a story about the firing of Mike Rodger by the Obama admin. It’s kind of odd considering how late in the administration his firing was recommended. If you read down the article it has this line.

“Meanwhile, the 57-year-old admiral’s recent trip to New York to meet with President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday also caused “consternation” for the Obama administration, the Post said, in part because it appears unprecedented for an officer like Rogers to conduct such a meeting and not inform his superiors.”

Does this confirm Rodgers went to Trump Tower and basically told him he was being listened to there by the Obama admin and that his review of “about queries” show the Obama admin was unmasking Americans to get campaign dirt? Is this why Trump tweeted he was being wiretapped? I think so…


Well, the easy answer to your question is no - since Obama never fired Rogers.

Remember right at the end of the Obama admin gave the NSA more power and less over site.

"“Rather than dramatically expanding government access to so much personal data, we need much stronger rules to protect the privacy of Americans,” Mr. Toomey said. “Seventeen different government agencies shouldn’t be rooting through Americans’ emails with family members, friends and colleagues, all without ever obtaining a warrant.”

I’m sure all you leftist disagree and want 17 rooting government agencies rooting through Americans’ emails with family members, friends and colleagues, all without ever obtaining a warrant. Except for Hillary’s of course…lol!

Ok, I’ll edit…

Good luck.

The fact that Rogers wasn’t fired kinda blows your whole story out of the water.

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So Mike Rodgers was not fired?

From Wikipedia:

The Washington Post reported on 19 November 2016 that Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James R. Clapper, Jr. had sometime earlier in the year recommended to President Obama that Rogers be terminated as director of the National Security Agency.[15] Carter reportedly recommended he be terminated due to poor performance, whereas Clapper considered it wise that the position be held by a civilian.[15] Both Clapper and Carter had put Rogers on notice for poor performance in internal security and leadership style.[15] His termination was reportedly delayed due to stalled changes to the bureaucratic structure of the intelligence community.[15] Before the recommendation of firing was made, Rogers met with then President-elect Donald Trump without notifying his superiors.[16] Trump was reportedly considering replacing Clapper with Rogers as DNI, however that position went to former Senator Dan Coats, with Rogers remaining NSA director.[15]

Seems like you’ve got a non-story here.


No, it’s not…

" His termination was reportedly delayed due to stalled changes to the bureaucratic structure of the intelligence community

The Obama admin fired him.

Nothing technically illegal happened…

He was in service through 2018…

How could Obama have “fired” him? This makes no sense!

Do you mean Trump fired him?

He was relieved from the NSA, CSS and USCYBERCOM positions on May 4, 2018 ,

It appears Trump fired him, you should change your OP!

He retires before the firing could make it’s way through…

Here’s a nice timeline…

On November 17, 2016, Rogers traveled to meet President-Elect Trump in Trump Tower, New York. Director Rogers did not inform his boss – Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

On November 17, 2016, the Trump Transition Team announced they were moving all transition activity to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

On November 19, 2016, the Washington Post reported the following:

The heads of the Pentagon and the nation’s intelligence community have recommended to President Obama that the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, be removed .

The recommendation, delivered to the White House last month , was made by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper.

The story was reported on November 19, 2016, meaning the move to fire Rogers – which failed – originated sometime in mid-October 2016. Exactly when Director Rogers was preparing to present his findings to the FISA Court.

So after Rogers meets with Trump, and Trump announces he’s moving his transition team. The same day. lol!

Then Trump says he was “wiretapped”…

Two days later the Obama admin try to fire him…

Presidents dont “try” to fire anybody.

they either fire them or they don’t

there is no trying.


He was fired in 2018, by Trump! You need to change your OP.

What if you tell your bodyguard to fire someone by giving him a letter to deliver and he forgets to do It?

You should get a new bodyguard.

OP really blew this one. Trump got rid of Rodgers.

Here are some post employment quotes:

KING: Good to hear yours. Let me pull back 3,000 feet here and ask you, why does yesterday’s press conference between Presidents Trump and Putin matter?

ROGERS: Well, from an old Cold Warrior like myself, both in my military service and my FBI service, it is very, very concerning. He stood on an international stage and basically said he didn’t have the faith and confidence in his intelligence services, which, by the way, would also include the FBI agents who did the investigation for the Russia probe. That is a serious condemnation on a world stage, let alone what would have been serious back here in the United States.

KING: The president suggested that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is responsible for the bad relationship between the United States and Russia. What do you think about that?

ROGERS: Now, this is outrageous. I mean, it is completely outrageous…

…So when the president the United States says, well, it’s maybe the United States’ fault, that is - well, it’s offensive to those of us who have been in the Cold War fight, and it’s certainly offensive, I think, to our allies in NATO who have stood guard and are now trying to worry about trying to keep Russian forces out of the Baltic states, in places like Georgia and, by the way, in places like Ukraine. It is confusing, it’s offensive and I think very, very damaging to our future relationship.

and his statement while still serving saying Trump wasn’t doing enough regarding Russia:

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Bad news for Trump, automatic Hillary/ Obama thread.