WARREN’S WARNING: Sen. Warren Vows to ‘Make Real Change’ Should She Take the White House

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Firebrand Senator and likely 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren escalated her war-of-words with the White House Wednesday; vowing to “make real change” should she become the next President of the United States.

Elizabeth Warren: "We're gonna make real change." https://t.co/WlujW7pm6z pic.twitter.com/jZoOuZ0wjz

— The Hill (@thehill) January 2, 2019

“We have to get out there and be clear about what we’re fighting for, and then we’ve got to show we’re willing to fight for it. It’s not enough to just to talk the talk, we’ve got to be willing to get out and walk the walk,” said Warren.

“We’ve got to stand behind the kinds of changes that will matter in the lives of everyday people… We’re going to make real change,” she added.

Watch the Senator’s comments above.

Hannity, can you see her in the White House? Ask yourself this…What the hell did she do for Native Americans in Prison? Nothing! The fight for basic Religious Right for her so called people came from the Native American prisoners. She did not lift a finger. She is a fraud. If she really believed she was Native why didn’t she reach out to her own people never mine the USA.

Massachusetts prisons fight for religious rights: https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2016/jun/3/massachusetts-supreme-judicial-court-finds-doc-violated-rluipa-prior-settlement-agreement/

Warren did nothing for to gain this; https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2010/jan/15/sweat-lodges-in-american-prisons-2005/

Lol. I’ll keep this short. There is no way she’ll win anything. She would never get elected president in America. It’s simply not possible for enough people to vote for her.

It’s the typical leftist political claptrap, what the heck is she talking about and if its so “terrifying” SPIT IT OUT woman!! Come up with something to make your point or even a clue of what you’re talking about! The economy is stable and there are jobs galore, lower taxes. better trade deals, and less regulations so what does she want to change? She cannot say “off the cuff” of what she really means that’s why its all vague.

That’s what they said about Trump

Yes and they were wrong. The media are not the ones saying she will lose. I’m saying she will lose and I was saying that Trump would win if he was to run - a month before he announced. I’ve been right about Trump as much or more than most anybody. So you can talk about “them” all you want but I’m not speaking for them or against them. I’m just telling you what will and won’t happen. You’ll have to wait to prove me right or wrong. I’m not posting this to try and prove anything right now or win any arguments right now. I’m posting because I want people to know that there are some things about the future that can be known. Once you see her fail to win the presidency and you see Trump in for a second term then you’ll know that someone told you it’s a fact before it happened. You can go ahead and quote “them” all you like but I’m here speaking for myself not for the “they said’s” you’re quoting because you probably don’t have a voice of your own.