Warren on forced school busing 1975

Elizabeth Warren, like a good liberal, favored forced school busing to achieve integration in 1975. She did commit a cardinal sin of using the word “Negro”. I’m sure she will be forgiven.
What struck me most was Warren’s uncanny resemblance to her ideological soul-mate Hanoi Jane Fonda.

“Negro” was not wrongspeak in 1975. MLK used it before he was assassinated.

King used it throughout his life.
However he was assassinated 7 years before 1975.
When did “Negro” become Politically Incorrect? This stuff changes almost on a daily basis.

It was in the late 60s and early 70s that it began to change. Malcolm didn’t like it.

I wouldn’t fault her for it.

1975… nice!

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Malcolm was dead in 1965.

Yes, I know, I’m a fan. These things take time.

We must have a new frontrunner.

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She emerged as the front runner about 3 weeks ago. You’ve been asleep.

That’s still relatively new. I see the attacks are picking up, so the fear of her beating trump must be very intense.

Welp I see who you guys are scared of this week. Better call Ukraine and see what they can do to help!

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No. The attacks were much higher several months ago when her fake Indian claims were in the news.
You’re just making it up this morning.

Here we go again- the constant liberal drumbeat of “fear” in connection with politics. It never ends because that is the liberal mindset.

They’re not the ones digging up quotes from four decades ago…

She was in law school and wrote a 31 page analysis of a Supreme Court case in 1975?

Well, at least she wasn’t in the middle of her personal Vietnam, moving on other men’s wives like a b-word, cheating on wives, calling society reporters on the phone while pretending to be her own press agent. You know, shallow and sick crap like that.


Yah, notice that the swarms are now surrounding Warren?
Remember the same folks circling her were the same ones a few weeks ago that emphatically claimed that Biden was definitely going to be the nominee?

A bunch of us kept saying that Biden wouldn’t be the nominee, but the “experts” ignored us.

Go ahead and wander into an African American neighborhood and start using “negro”. See where that takes you.

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This was all addressed in your own link. Did you even read it before you decided to post it? You didn’t, did you?

It took MLK a long way- he wound up the top adulterer in the country.
You sound like you’ve been trying it.

What are you saying here? That you think black people would violently assault people for their speech? Why would you make that assumption?