Warren, Mueller, IG

Much has been said of the Warren Commission. I do not know if any comments were positive. Ironically the Oswald note to the FBI seems to have been destroyed. Gerald Ford also ended up replacing the deposed Nixon.

Much anticipation preceded the damning Mueller report on which never Trumpers placed much nope in. Then the big Thud as it crashed as a big nothing burger.

Now the pro Trumpers sit with bated breath waiting on the IG report and Durham investigation to prove wrongdoing by the deep state.

To those with hopes of a damning report get ready to be disappointed.

Faith in institutions is seen at the heart of our democracy. Exposing wrongdoing then would undermine our democracy. Another chapter of whitewash will soon be released.

By whom?

Those that believe in the rule of law!

You mean the rule of order?

Some may see it that way, but i still believe the Constitution is relevant

So do we…but rule of law as you claim can be a double edge sword.

i think equal application of the laws applies.