Warren loses half her support?

Warren had a few bad weeks of press after she went on the warpath and released her 50 trillionish (Who’s Counting) healthcare plan and it seems to be taking a toll on her campaign, as she lost around 50% of her support since the last Quinnipiac poll was released. She is tanking fast and at this pace soon will be walking the trail of tears back to Massachusetts.

Joe “The Kid Sniffer” Biden and Buttgig each respectively made gains. It’s also looking like Bloomberg is on his way to qualify for the next debate. I am not seeing Gabbard’s name in the poll.

Latest Quinnipiac poll

Biden: 24% (+3)
Buttiegig: 16% (+6)
Warren: 14% (-14) :rofl:
Sanders: 13% (-2)
Bloomberg: 3%
Harris: 3% (-2)
Klobuchar: 3% (-)
Yang: 2% (+1)
Booker: 2% (+1)

It seems DNC is throwing there base under the bus.

Yeah.she is slipping…it always happens in these races. I’ll wait and see if the butt slips eventually as well. I have a feeling booker is gonna get pushed up soon.

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I always expected Buttiegig to rise, but not this quickly.


It’s odd that releasing a $50 trillion health care plan that covers everyone would harm a candidate when the status quo plan costs $2 trillion more and leaves tens of millions uncovered.

Our society has been dumbed down to levels where cost/benefit analysis is beyond them.


They are in big trouble. The only decent candidate they have (Tulsi Gabbard), has been rejected. BIG mistake. The Biden Ukraine Scheme will get worse before it gets better, Liz is just off the rails, bat ■■■■ crazy, Buttigieg seems to have little appeal in the black community and Trump’s appeal seems to be growing there. There’s only one solution.


I know right! It’s almost like nobody believes those numbers!

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Turn off the Trump tweet filter.

Pocahontas want take wampum. Tribe no like.


Always count on Sneaky to be P.C. :wink:

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I don’t even know how to spell it.

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As long as you think we should be exchanging advice. Here’s mine.

Turn on your hate filter tell me which of my points you disagree with. Fair enough?

Warren scares most Dems; myself included.


This is true!

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I know, most people suck at math and data analysis.

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She seems to be very unstable. I can’t believe that people like her more than Tulsi. I totally don’t get it.


Surprises me that Tulsi isn’t in the 3-5% range in this poll.


Every primary has a flavor of the week candidate