WARREN: I’m Taking a ‘HARD LOOK’ at Running for President in 2020 | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren confirmed she was weighing a potential run against President Trump in 2020 over the weekend; telling a packed town hall event she was taking a “hard look” at launching a bid for the White House.

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You go girl. The Southern or Northern border?

What in the world is this woman smoking? It must be some of that really good peace pipe stuff. direction of the country? you mean up? as in winning again? Nov can’t come soon enough. I used to be a democrat, and would vote all blue, now I’m voting the red wave! #walkaway

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Pocahontas can’t be President. You may be able to create a tribe and become chief. Who would want to be a member of that tribe?

I have no problem with a woman running for President but we need one with true leadership ability, not Hillary Clinton 's twin sister.

Uhhh Mr Wu…The question was to Warren. I see you missed my feeble attempt at humor. I was asking her which border she was running for.

This woman is a left wing moon bat and a screeching shrew.
If she runs , she has NO SHOT at becoming POTUS…
This country is not going to elect a nasty, know nothing lefty political hack.
She is a hateful individual who has made it very clear she not only hates our current economic system, but seems to hate males as well.

She’d get crushed…
When will these New England Liberals learn they cannot win national elections.
With each election cycle, the voters of Massachusetts show incredible stupidity in their choices for legislators.
Massachusetts gave us several terms of Ted Kennedy.
How that guy could have withstood the Chappaquidick scandal and not only stay out of prison, but to be a US Senator is a mystery.

Fauxcohontas 2020 : try my cheesecake recipe, I stole it from a lady in Illinois