WARREN EXPLODES: Sen. Warren Says Trump Ripping Babies ‘From their Mamas’ | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren deflected President Trump’s DNA challenge Thursday, slamming the Commander-in-Chief for “destroying lives” and ripping babies “from their mamas.”

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yawn, what about Obama ripping babies from Mamas’ arms?

Whataboutism is a very weak argument. I am not up on the Obama figures…can you cite a reputable source? OTOH, the Republican Administration under Mr. Trump has had thousands taken from asylum seekers just recently, in contravention of US and international laws and norms. The intentional ( see AG Sessions statement) policy of the DOJ to discourage refugees by the removal under false pretenses ( we are taking them for a bath; sign here to be deported if you ever want to see your kids again, etc,) of children from their parents without a credible plan or any evidence of an intent to reunite them is reprehensible, barbaric and criminal. The psychologic trauma to children in these circumstances is immense, inexcusable and totally preventable. The failure of the hearing process to provide the minimum of due process makes me sick to think this is now America. I am a twenty year active duty Army veteran ashamed of the “leaders” who now represent my country. Once a Republican, nevermore.

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