Warren Campaign Accused of Racism

Gee, I thought this sort of news only took place with folks from that ambiguously named region “The South”. Southeast? Southwestern U S? They’re all apparently lumped into one region now.

And I thought Democrat was the party of inclusion, diversity, tolerance. Warren herself lives in a state with a large Hispanic population, yet, according to another source on the same topic, campaign information published in Spanish failed to arrive in a timely matter in Nevada, a state whose Hispanic population is most likely larger.

Are accusations true? BS?

Only those involved truly know. It looks to me, though, like more service with a smile racism. You’ve got the job, but your input isn’t welcome.

Didn’t you get the memorandum letting you know that she is no longer a candidate?

Just for that, I’m not voting for her.

Of course, I wasn’t going to vote for her anyway, so there is that…

Trump’s got your vote…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Umm - no. If you ever see me casting a vote for Trump, call 911 - I’ll be having some sort of medical emergency causing me to act irrationally.


Probably will vote for a lefty? :thinking:

Looks like I’m going to be stuck voting 3rd party again this year. The major parties keep putting up candidates that suck.


I voted 3rd party when McCain ran. Not libertarian though. Those guys are too far left on social issues for me.

I’m more focused on all of the dimocrats lining up behind the segregationist who kept little kamala from riding the bus to a good school.

And how that same segregationist readily accepted the endorsement of mayor stop-and-frisk.

Whether he remembers it or not.

Well…that’s 1/2 a vote for Trump. :sunglasses:

Sweetie, the whole point of this thread is to expose the supposedly more inclusive of the two major American parties for what it really is: a great big horse and pony show.

Warren blamed “systematic racism”. It was her system wasn’t it?
Surprised she didn’t blame the atmosphere created by Trump, though. After all, didn’t he say NAZIs are good people? I’m sure I saw that quoted somewhere.

No - it is one vote for whoever gets my vote.

Any vote…that isn’t D and not Trump, is a 1/2 vote for Trump.

Pocahontas kind of fell apart under scrutiny, huh?



Some sites characterize her as “doing the weasel” with regards to these charges.

Why, cuz they mind their own business? :laughing:

No, sorry - it isn’t. I can guarantee you Trump will not be on my ballot in any form, shape, or fashion. That’s one of the reasons I’ll be voting 3rd party.

That argument assumes there would be any chance in hell I’d vote for Trump. Trust me, there isn’t.

The two major parties don’t own my vote as some seem to think they do.

Then carry on my friend. I don’t want to do the math and change your mind. :sunglasses:

They support immoralities such as abortion i am told. Doesn’t get any worse than that in my book.